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by UME
21 Aug 2012, 02:23
Forum: Eurobeat Market
Topic: Eurobeat/Jpop Version of Craig's List - UME (
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Eurobeat/Jpop Version of Craig's List - UME ( a Eurobeat, Jpop, Jrock, Jska, Visual Kei, etc. focused version of Craig's List. Have fun using it. My wife and I created it as a hobby as opposed to a way to make money, so feedback is most welcome but I can't promise to make changes quickly as I do have a pretty intense day j...
by UME
21 Aug 2012, 02:07
Forum: Eurobeat Market
Topic: Remainder of my SEB and related CDs for sale
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What price would you ask for the 34-99 CDs? Do they contain the obi? Does the CD have scratches? Sorry, I'm highly picky. I usually pick up used SEBs in Japan for 200yen or less (NEW), but I only go twice a year and am looking for alternatives to building my collection. Where do you go to find them...