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by sobakasu
23 Jul 2006, 02:25
Forum: News
Topic: Super Eurobeat 170 Super Anniversary Non-Stop Mix 2006
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...I totally spammed Chritine's Yeah! and Rain in the voting poll so many times.

And Dum Dum Pistol. Sadly You Can Light My Fire didn't make it on disc one :(.

Hi Panu XD.
by sobakasu
13 Dec 2005, 02:21
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Super Eurobeat Vol. 165
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Super Eurobeat Vol. 165

This makes me so happy :)

The only thing that will make it better is if it has Hinoi Team on it :)!!!
by sobakasu
17 Aug 2005, 03:05
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: SEB 162
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well considering that in Japan, no label is *hated*, they won't drop any labels. hi nrg attack and vibration are VERY popular for parapara because of their hi speed, and personally I love hrg's comical songs. Seriously. HRG makes me think of Euromach, which was probably avex's best idea ever. The o...
by sobakasu
01 Jul 2005, 03:36
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: SEB 161
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orochi wrote:For me, I would request for the return of the 3 godly SCP women

1. Christine (more Asian type synths)
2. Lucya (more lighter trance)
3. Lilibeth (more trance)
You TOTALLY forgot Irene. Dancin' Baby was so awesomely great <3. And they need to bring back Vanilla :(. Damn you SCP!
by sobakasu
01 Jul 2005, 03:35
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Topic: Velfarre
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Um. You buy tickets at the door. And the tickets you get inside of Eurobeat albums are just little half off things.

SEF = usually on Thursday nights. velfarre's website has the schedule.
by sobakasu
21 Mar 2005, 19:19
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: What is your favourite song of Clara Moroni?
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Lonely Night
Hello Goodbye
Sugar Sugar Honey
You Got Me Spellbound
Remember Me
On My Own
Make A Move (or w/e it's called)

I forget the aliases though. Because basically every female song on Delta is Clara anyways haha.
by sobakasu
14 Dec 2004, 19:17
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Topic: Oh Panuuuu~
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Oh Panuuuu~

In case you haven't checked yet, on one of the CDs from (I think it's paraparamooo). There's an extended mix of Sheik Yarbati Moves :D. There's also the Cantare Bellare Vinyl which contains it too :D On another note, what does everyone else plan on purchasing? I want Shake Shake ...
by sobakasu
22 Nov 2004, 19:10
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Topic: Eurobeat wish list
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Nine wrote:My goal is to obtain more Domino vinyls, especially the Gotcha one with the English version of the song *drools*


by sobakasu
22 Nov 2004, 19:00
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
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Hello Scott,

thank you for writing.

Christine recorded only under her name, no aka therefore in Eurobeat!

Best wishes and regards,

Scp staff

by sobakasu
25 Sep 2004, 01:40
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Topic: Why Avex And Your Ugly SEB 151 WHY!?
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Why Avex And Your Ugly SEB 151 WHY!?

Why did Avex go back to the ugly SEB Covers? I loved how they had pretty faces and bright colors ;-; Now they're going back to the uglies. AND I HATED THE OLD COVERS WHICH IS WHY I WILL NEVER BUY THEM. But Vol. 151 has got to be the worst. It's like... kinky goth crap. And it should be some woman wi...
by sobakasu
25 Sep 2004, 01:37
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Topic: Your favorite song by Elena Gobbi
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My heart is dancing so good, I keep on DREAMING OF YOU <3.
It's like a HEART ATTACK hurry up, don't wanna die <3.
RIDING ON FIRE down to the wire<3.
by sobakasu
24 Aug 2004, 15:24
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Topic: Vanilla Identity Confirmed
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E-mail them? It doesn't hurt to ask :x.

How did you find out one of them was Christine?
by sobakasu
23 Aug 2004, 17:48
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Vanilla Identity Confirmed
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Vanilla Identity Confirmed

Well. I e-mailed SCP a few days ago asking about Vanilla... since her Around The Universe song makes me reaaaaaalyyyy happy. Anyways, they basically said she IS NOT Christine. (As 2 people told me). Vanilla is infact her own person. Which is kinda disapointing, cause I was hoping she was Christine.....
by sobakasu
14 Aug 2004, 03:21
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Nine's Eurobeat Extended Mixes Volume 2 - Progress
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I wanna extend a song ;/ Like. It's Holiday. Which imma do right now <3.
by sobakasu
09 Aug 2004, 21:19
Forum: General chit chat
Topic: Word Association =D
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Fries... uhhh. Fried Dough?