How did you get into Eurobeat?

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How did you get into Eurobeat?

Post by KiraTM » 19 Jan 2014, 16:02

Hey, I wanna bring a little bit of life to this part of the forum and couldn't find a thread like this (or such a thread does already exist and I've overseen it).

So, I think the subject name says anything, tell the story of how you got into the beloved genre.

Here's my story: In late 2009, I've listened to a show called "Night of Fire" on a little online radio station. This show's theme was - oh, surprise - Eurobeat. However, even if I've listened to the show, I never gave much attention to the music. This has changed in end of April 2010 when SEB 202 has been released. After the release, the moderator played several songs of this brand new album. The song Internet Kills The Eurobeat Stars was the one that hooked me. Then, I've listened to the whole SEB and began to love this genre. Two months later, when I was 14 years old, I've got my first own-earned money. I've asked the moderator what his favorite SEB would be. He told me 192. So, I bought this SEB on Amazon for 40 Euro (I didn't knew CDJapan or something then). With every summer day, I loved this CD and the genre more and more.

That was my story, now tell me yours! :)

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Post by Darkholme » 19 Jan 2014, 18:24

During my third year of high school we were supposed to practice public speaking so we had to write a presentation about anything we wanted. A friend of mine picked eurobeat as his subject, and showed me his preparations, which included printed lyrics of the immortal Space Boy. At first I didn't understand the point of the lyrics so I joined in and laughed at them for being really weird and stupid (I wish I could go back in time and knock myself out for ridiculing the perfect, cheesy lyrics.) He did the presentation and played Space Boy, after that I decided to watch Initial D with him since he said it had more eurobeat during the races.

That's when I fell in love with the music and we both downloaded the Initial D soundtracks and afterwards we found out about SEB, downloaded it and calmly stated 'Initial D has all the good eurobeat."

After that I started listening to more and more and now it's consumed my life 8)

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Post by eXtaticus » 19 Jan 2014, 18:36

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Post by DarkSky » 19 Jan 2014, 21:52

This video:

I was active on several forums and made those signature banners with anime images into them. I searched for anime on youtube a lot (although I didnt like watching anime, I just used the images for signature banners).

And then... woah I found this video. And I LOVED it.

It's a reupload of the original one by the way. I got into Eurobeat in 2007. Which is quite some years ago.

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Post by Lebon14 » 20 Jan 2014, 01:03

eXtaticus wrote:these were We Drink Ritalin,
HA! Kind of the same here. I also discovered this track that a cousin of mine had: King Kong & D Jungle Girls - Walkie Talkie (this exact version & length).

It's not until several years later that I decided to search for anime tracks on WinMX. So, I went to and searched for an anime with a large amount of tracks. Guess which one? Yes, it was Initial D. So, I started to download some tracks and I enjoyed it. It took a while for me to actually watch Initial D though. That was in 2004-2005, I believe. It's not until 2006 that I discovered SEB. I believe the first SEB I downloaded was 168 or 169. My first SEB purchase was 172.

From there, it went downhill. Pretty much.

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Post by Mindsweeper » 20 Jan 2014, 01:17

Some time in either 2007 or 2008, I went to a run-down nickel arcade with some friends. I intended to hit the DDR machine, but near the back was a strange-looking arcade cabinet I had never seen before.

That arcade cabinent was ParaParaParadise. [ for those who haven't heard of it ]

I went through the song list, deciding which song to play based on the titles, because PPP doesn't give you song previews. I saw "EUROBEAT - DR.LOVE" and, having no idea what eurobeat was at the time, picked it assuming it was going to be some eurotrancy stuff.

Over the next year or so, while playing the shit of out PPP, I learned that parapara was a thing outside of the arcade game and that eurobeat was an actual genre.

I didn't really like eurobeat at first. I remember thinking it sounded too 'sparkly' and 'thin' compared to the trance and psytrance I was more into at the time. Not sure what changed my that 'sparkliness' is exactly what I want to hear, and I don't hear 'thin' anymore, I hear 'intense' and 'powerful'! :D

Thanks to that crappy arcade, my mp3 player's contents are now literally 40% eurobeat

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Post by Bonkers » 20 Jan 2014, 02:07

It was around 2004/05-ish; I was really into Happy Hardcore at that time (which I still am). I somehow stumbled across Ishkur's Guide of Electronic Music. I heard the Eurobeat samples, "Darkmoon Fighter", "Grand Prix", "Turn The Beat Around", "Dancing In The Jungle", and "One Shot Girl". I loved it! It was fast, cheesy, and chipmunky like Happy Hardcore (though slower compared to the tempo of HHC). I had NO IDEA where to search for this music as the guy behind Ishkur's Guide didn't give any reference to the SEB series. So I put Eurobeat on the back burner until I heard "Anynight, Anyday" and absolutely knew I needed this music! I began my hunt and found out about Super Eurobeat...but the price tag was waaaay to hefty. Then I discovered this website, and one thing led to another, and now I have a good collection of SEB CDs.

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Post by UFOPOLI » 20 Jan 2014, 07:41

It was spring 2002 when the first arcade dance game arrived in our country. It was 3DDX Dance Station 2, from Korea. It got me into K-pop, and I also started studying Koreanology as a result. Then a year later, we also got DDR EuroMix 2 that had very eurobeat-like tracks. One more year, and the first parapara lesson took place in Finland.

However, I didn't systematically get into eurobeat before 2006 when the first regular parapara circles began operating. I discovered SEB and started to listen to every track alternating from 001 and 101 onwards. Because of this, the tracks that I personally consider the biggest classics come from the decades 00-20 and 100-120. At 190, I started to buy every non-nonstop SEB as soon as it comes out.
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Post by Akira » 20 Jan 2014, 15:38

In 2009, I assisted a parapara workshop in an anime convention (the song was Tora Tora Tora, by Domino). I loved it because it was easy and fun to dance. So then I started assisting every parapara workshop, and also I started dancing parapara at home, learning new songs and practicing them almost every day.

At first I got more into techpara and hyper techno music. It felt more aggressive and "more masculine", and I felt safer at the time (I was in the closet). In 2010 I got into ParaPara!Project, a group of parapara in Barcelona (which is part of the youth association Team!Project).

Then, gradually I started to prefer eurobeat. I started "loving the genre" when SEB 212 was released. It honestly sucks because I got into SEB at the worst time hahahah I gradually stopped dancing parapara, but I kept on loving eurobeat :)
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Post by #Infinity » 20 Jan 2014, 17:34

I was first introduced to eurobeat through Dance Dance Revolution. Excluding the Disney Mix, none of the games featured tracks from the Super Eurobeat series, but I still came to appreciate this unconventional style of music before I discovered the usual labels.

I first learned about Super Eurobeat itself as a result of playing custom simfile packs for StepMania (a DDR emulator where you can step any song you want), most notably DDR OSC 5 on bemanistyle, which featured a simfile to Dream of You by Alvin (still one of my favorite Asia songs of all time), stepped by the_ditz himself. That same compilation also included Fuku Wa Uchi by Domino, Emoticons by Hinoi Team (yes, a cover of the unreleased Christine song), Inspiration by ERI, Dancin' in My Dreams by J. Storm, and Domino by Alvin. A bit after the simfile contest, I listened to the then-new Super Eurobeat 172, got completely addicted to the series, and the rest is history.

Even with several years gone by, and having matured from an eighth-grader to a college junior, I still love eurobeat just as much as I did in 2006. My favorite tracks and labels are drastically different than they were when I was first introduced to the series, but my appreciation for the genre is all the same.

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Post by KoolKool » 06 Apr 2014, 05:18

i never watched intial D anime..but i discovered eurobeat while i listening trance,techno...
and youtube playlist suddenly introduce a song name "Niko - speedway"...
then i wiki "eurobeat"...and then i know eurobeat..thats all

for me! eurobeat is a kind of hardcore but has special history!

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Post by MiKong » 25 Apr 2014, 19:23

Bonkers wrote:I somehow stumbled across Ishkur's Guide of Electronic Music.
Same! I can pin it to around 2007 for me. I was really into Goa Trance music at the time and for some reason I was hellbent on learning about the origins of electronic dance music which led me to Ishkur's Guide. I started listening to Italo Disco and SAW/PWL tracks which eventually led me to Eurobeat.

The first few songs that got me into Eurobeat were Gipsy & Queen - Call Me, Linda Ross - Loving Honey, and Asia Gang - Hippy Ah Oh. When I first heard them I actually thought all three of them were Italo Disco lol (though I do think that the Asia Gang song counts as Italo since it was written during the transition from Italo to Eurobeat).
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Post by Calla_Maranatha » 27 Apr 2015, 02:27

The first few songs that got me into Eurobeat were Gipsy & Queen - Call Me, Linda Ross - Loving Honey, and Asia Gang - Hippy Ah Oh. When I first heard them I actually thought all three of them were Italo Disco lol (though I do think that the Asia Gang song counts as Italo since it was written during the transition from Italo to Eurobeat).
My exploration throughout Italo-Disco and HiNRG has brought Eurobeat to my liking... Also some LSS-inducing Initial D trax has added fuel to my Eurobeat desire and fire.
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Post by WelcomeToVelfarre » 14 May 2015, 16:19

I had been into Japanese dancing and anime for a while and one day my friend recommended an anime called Ichigo 100% to me. We both really liked the ending song (Ike Ike by Hinoi Team) and when we looked it up on YouTube we found the ParaPara video. From there we got into ParaPara, but only to Japanese songs as we hadn't actually discovered Eurobeat yet. Then much later when I started playing StepMenia I tried to download a simfile for Hinoi Team's version of Ike Ike but when I got it it turned out to be the Tri-Star version. I ended up liking it more than Hinoi Team's version so I looked it up on YouTube. I started clicking random videos in the related videos and discovered the original versions of lots of other Hinoi Team songs I liked (like Play With The Numbers, Night of Fire) as well as other songs that I'd heard in ParaPara videos. Then I discovered velfarre 2000 by Bazooka Girl and that was it.
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Post by TrainEngie » 17 Jul 2015, 00:51

I found out about the eurobeat remix of Evolution by Hamasaki Ayumi. I thought it was J-pop, and I was like, Cool, japanese like this stuff too!

Then, I searched up "OMG SECRET NAZI FOREST" and the song "Heut ist mein tag" came up. heut ist mein tag heut ist mein tag

Then, I searched up "lol, internet". Running in the 90s came up. I ignored running in the 90s for some time.

Then I came back for "lol, internet" I wanted more.

Then I found out about Space Boy via EUROLOVERS youtube channel.

And that's how I got into eurobeat.

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