Favorite Eurobeat Series

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What is your favorite series of Eurobeat?

Eurobeat Flash
Maharaja Night
Aerobeat Eurobeat
That's Eurobeat!
Eurobeat Fantasy
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The Early Days of Super Eurobeat
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Post by #Infinity » 09 Nov 2015, 23:21

In all honesty, I think Eurobeat Flash may have been the best eurobeat series. For one, I enjoy late 90s eurobeat the most, and this was the only compilation that contained a lot of my favorite labels at the time like Hi-NRG Attack, SCP, and Saifam. It feels like all of the best TIME songs went to that compilation instead of SEB, as well.

Super Eurobeat, while admirable in its length, had limited label variety for most of its run (SEB 009-139), with really only a select few albums from the 160's, 170's, 180's, and 190's standing out the most.

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Post by para_rigby » 09 Nov 2015, 23:28

I think they each have their own distinctive sounds. I love EBF for the early, aggressive sounds that started appear in eurobeat. EM was a continuation of this, but really sad that the songs were in a non-stop format (still can't hear many of these songs ~see A-BEAT C/SCP~ in extended format. Maharaja, to me, isn't much different from SEB sounds from its period, but what a great selection of songs that don't get enough love. Same could be said with exclusive songs from the Aerobeat series (think I Won't Be Long, I Am A Pacifist, Kisses of Love, People of the Night, etc.).

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Post by Bonkers » 10 Nov 2015, 00:47

EBF & Euromach showcased a time in Eurobeat when crazy percussion was loved, the synths had to be as wild and crazy as possible, speeding up tracks was the norm, and cheese was enjoyed by all. This, of course, carried over onto the SEB series, but these were the pioneers!

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Re: Favorite Eurobeat Series

Post by Kat » 17 Mar 2017, 21:16

I'd say I go for Euromach because one of my first Eurobeat songs that I've ever heard came from that series
Wake up in the morning with my book
I'll go to my school I'll go very fast
'Cos I've a lot study and I wanna be ready tonite
When the disco is open

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Re: Favorite Eurobeat Series

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 17 Mar 2019, 22:22

Hmm, this is really hard to say, what's better. I mean, every Eurobeat-Series brought out some good... ehm, pardon..., awesome tracks that I like a lot. From the good ol' Italo-Disco to the modern Eurobeat-Sound there is always something, what I like to listen.
Normally I would say the Super Eurobeat-series, cause this series existed since a long time, but it would be unfair to the other series. So... i can't really answer.
But as I always say, for me it doesn't matter, if SEB or Maharaja Night, I just want to hear Eurobeat. And with all this series, i can do nothing wrong! ;-)

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