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SEB 222 Throwdown

Posted: 24 Mar 2013, 15:14
by para_rigby
New album--another chance to vote for your favourite track!

Posted: 22 Nov 2013, 20:50
by KiraTM
Best song on 222 for me was surprisingly Lovely. At the beginning, I really hated this song due to the pitch voice. But as I listend to that song again and again I began to love it.
Sadly, that SEB was one of the weakest Eurobeat albums I've every heard. :???:

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 08:45
by drnrg
This one was close between "Lucky Lucky" and "Last Of Eurobeat", but in the end .the sheer hype of Farina to the frontline, ultimately made me choose "Last OF Eurobeat" as my favourite off 222. Its also a strong contender for Eurobeat song of 2013.

Fo the record, these were my top tracks.

1. Last Of Eurobeat- Mark Farina (Saifam)
2. Lucky Lucky- Garcon (HRG Attack)
The old style synths did it for me.
3. Reborn My Fire- Cherry (delta)
Forget what everyopne said, I like the way she sings the chorus, I love the intro and synth riff. Clara doesn't sound as bad as some said she did.
4. Lovely- Irene (SCP)
Could be my favourite Irene track ever. The agressive overall style and gallopong bassline is golden.
5. Bad Joy- Tora (Sinclaire Style)
Major change of opionion since when I first heard this song. Its even still in myweekly top 30.

HM: You Could Be Mine- Dream Fighters (Dima Music)
The track that I almost overlooked, because of the other very similiar sounding "Strangers In The Night"

Again I went against the norm by saying that "Sunlight" was not one of my favs. Why? Too short for me. By the TIME I start getting into it, it's over :(