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Best of Super Eurobeat 2013: 225

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 09:57
by Darkholme
Almost there now! Last poll seemed to be a battle between the traditional and the modern which split our small community, and ties over here aren't a laughing matter (okay, maybe they are.)

SEB 225 is up next with plenty to choose from as usual! Not much to say about this one, both Rimonti and Clara came back to sing brand new songs, Dima gave us another Ultraviolet track and even Go2 came to visit! Personally it's kind of a hard choice, none of them really stood out to me when I look back, some songs I don't even remember. Still, those first three were the high point for me so I'm going with Manuel's metal-infused Never Say Never.

Poll will run for five days from today, so it ends on the 2nd.

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 11:53
by Lebon14
Kool Kitten, yo!
That stuff is awesome. Honorable mentions to Beat Around, Never Say Never and Don't Forget.

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 22:23
by #Infinity
Hot Hot Racin' Car, no contest. Japan has absolutely lost their minds for not voting it onto the Best of SEB 2013 compilation. I still don't like Never Say Never's chorus, and I previously put way too much stock in the two Delta entries, which are good but not fantastic. The closet runner-up is Baby Tonight, yet even that isn't Saifam's absolute best and doesn't reach the greatness of Hurry Hurry Hurry on the following album.

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 22:34
by the_ditz
Sorry Go 2... the return of my operatic hero Manuel outdid you here. NEVEEEERRR SAY NEEEEVEEEEEERR!! ;)

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 22:49
by Darkholme
I wonder if it'll be a tie between Manuel and Go2 now :D

Posted: 29 Dec 2013, 02:47
by eXtaticus

Posted: 29 Dec 2013, 18:19
by KiraTM
eXtaticus wrote:It was a tough choice, though; I absolutely adore Moonlight Hero. I could listen to a whole Ultraviolet album, in fact.
Moonlight Hero was my personal highlight on that album too. A "SEB presents Ultraviolet Special Collection" would be very awesome! :D

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 04:40
by drnrg
Again Sinclaire took the cake on this disc.

"Beat Around" had one of the best intros I've heard. reminded me of Toby Ash- Casino and the like. That ┬┤plus the fact that I loved Les and Megan's previous solo entries is enough for me.

All in all this cd had some great trcaks on it. Other contenders for me are

Fantasy Car, Kool Kitten, Fairytale, Never Say Never and Hot Hot Racin' Car; which is currently in my top 3.

best online vinyl sleeve goes to Sinclaire Style for You Got Me Boom ! Boom!

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 09:47
225 may be my favorite of this decade. Maybe One Day and Moonlight Hero are great but the crown belongs to Don't Forget.

Posted: 01 Jan 2014, 09:52
by Darkholme
Poll closes tomorrow, so anyone who hasn't voted should try to asap. Otherwise we get a 3-way tie :grin: