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Eurobeat/Jpop Version of Craig's List - UME (

Post by UME » 21 Aug 2012, 02:23 a Eurobeat, Jpop, Jrock, Jska, Visual Kei, etc. focused version of Craig's List.

Have fun using it. My wife and I created it as a hobby as opposed to a way to make money, so feedback is most welcome but I can't promise to make changes quickly as I do have a pretty intense day job. :-(

I try to add at least one disc a week and I post under the nym mushishi. I just added SEB Vol 26 this morning.

My wife is Japanese, so I go back every other year for a few weeks at a time and hit all the used CD shops. Since I go clothes shopping w/the Mrs, she gets to come CD shopping w/me. It is actually a lot of fun since it has us visiting parts of town we normally would not go. :-)

I also have my wife buy discs from Amazon Japan which are shipped to her parents house in addition to her clothing order and then shipped to us as a care package. This allows me to build a large collection even though I visit once every 2 years. As such, I have a VERY large collection of SEB that I have yet to even play and 3 copies of Vol. 122... :-| (don't ask...where do I upload pics?)

Oh yeah, and if anyone is interested in anything, I am more than willing to make a reasonable deal for quantity orders.

Thanks for reading and visiting if you do visit.

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