Time, Hi-NRG Attack, ABeatC, Delta Vinyls for sale

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Time, Hi-NRG Attack, ABeatC, Delta Vinyls for sale

Post by Umechan » 05 Dec 2012, 20:35

I'm moving to Japan for a year in February, so I would like to sell most of my Eurobeat vinyls. All of the vinyls are in Very Good condition, but some of them have damaged or missing covers. I can ship these within Europe, but I'm willing to negotiate worldwide shipping and discounts if anyone wants to make a large order. If anyone wants to buy any, please give me the details for the items you're interested in and I can get a quote for P&P costs.

12 Euros
Viky Vale- Let Me Be Your Baby Delta1004
Delta Queens- My Bandito Delta1009
Suzy Lazy- Din Don Dan Delta1007
Cherry- Round & Round Delta1003

10 Euros
Bazooka Pistolero/Hey don't go beaking my heart/Ahy-ahy-ahy-ahy/Ready to Love LIV026
Joe Banana- Dum Dum Pistol/Boom Boom Sexy Lady DIG012
Cantarre Ballare/Sheik Yarbati Moves/Cybernetik Love/Viva L'amor LIV013
Caballero with Sombrero/Take me to paradise/ No, I don't want to wait for you/Street boy LIV023
Besame Mucho/Valentino Macho Latino/Electro Cow/My technotronic new desire LIV027
Another night of fantasy/Carillon/Make me wonder in the sky/ Love in September LIV028
Bazooka Girl/Sexy Love Banana/ Superman macho man/Night and day LIV021

8 Euros
Franz Tornado- Doc. Jekyll Mister Hyde HRG116
Cindy- Push me Boom Boom HRG103
Franz Tornado- Danger HRG151
Live Music Gang- This is ParaPara HRG123
Cy-Ro- Delta Force HRG188
Lou Grant- Money for Love TRD1647
Virginelle- Hot Love & Emotion Abeat1112
Virginelle- Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe Abeat1122

6 Euros
Joe Banana- I'm your Gangster HRG158
Helen-a Just an Illusion TRD1227
Les Blue Belles- Love Shine a Light TRD1234 x2
Helen-a Just an Illusion TRD1227
Vanessa- Just a Game TRD1112 Eurobeat Vinyl List
Princess F- Technotronic Flight HRG 127
King & Queen ft. N.Sheffield, Virginelle, R-Stone, Queen of Times- King and Queen DOUB1002
Norma Sheffield- Touch Me Touch Me Abeat1040
Norma Sheffield- Sometimes Abeat1030
Lisa Johnson- Jump TRD1245
Maio & Co- For Your Love TRD1238
Tension- Come on TRD1239
Angie Davies- Friday Night TRD1367
Frank Torpedo- Never Stop TRD1243
That's Eurobeat News 03 BBB040
Valentina- Occasional Dream Abeat1085
Norma Sheffield- Your Body Lies Abeat1001
Gino Caria- I Wanna Be Your Superman Abeat1010
Veronica Sales- If You Leave Me Now Abeat1038
Annalise- Sumertime Abeat1102
Les Blue Belles- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood TRD1317
Gipsy & Queen- Gipsy Queen TRD1029
Danny Keith- Booby TRD1255
Sandy Bee- New Day TRD1372
Ann Sinclaire- Help Me TRD1321
Lisa Johnson- Doctor Doctor TRD1328
Annalise- Taste of Love Abeat1063
Les Blue Belles- Let's feel the night TRD1389
Rose- Never fall in love again TRD1256
Gipsy & Queen- Love is a dreamland TRD1171
Brother Nightmare- Pleasure & Pain TRD1451
Chester- Laser Games TRD1337
Teddy Boy- Gangster of love TRD1426
Atrium- In the name of strangers TRD1350

3 Euros
Helena- Queen for a day DTR1005 Slightly damaged cover
Virginelle- Fantasy Abeat1004 Cover split at bottom
Annerley Gordon- Donna Abeat1019 Slightly damaged cover
Annerley Gordon- Sexy Boy- Sexy Toy Abeat1007 Cover split at bottom
Annerley Gordon- Take Your Time Abeat1052 Cover slightly bent at edges
Victoria- Play Time TRD1393 Cover split at sides
Alexis- Don't Cry to me TRD1360 Cover fading at edges

2 Euros
Les Blue Belles- SOS TRD1176 1xNot original cover 1x Cover badly damaged
Channel X- Take it to the Top SABAM2100989 Not original cover
Valentina- Never Let You Say Goodbye Abeat1032 Not original cover

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