Who Is Better...Go Go Girls vs Kiki, Kika, & Fancy

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Who Is Better?

Go Go Girls
The Kiki, Kika, and Fancy Girls
Total votes: 18

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Who Is Better...Go Go Girls vs Kiki, Kika, & Fancy

Post by para_rigby » 29 Sep 2006, 08:05

I've been wanting to hear what everyone thinks is the better female group.

My personal vote goes to the Go Go Girls since one of my favorite eurobeat songs is NIGHTMARE IN THE CITY

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Post by Mikaeru » 29 Sep 2006, 13:06

Got to give it to Kiki and/or Kika and/or Fancy with/without Goofy DJ. Especially lately.

And on an aside, wouldn't this be better in Poll Wars?

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Post by Bore » 29 Sep 2006, 15:04

Kiki & Fancy all the way... yet I do love both big time. They're way too unique and high quality all the way. Go Gos have had a fair amount of not so great tracks.

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Post by Densetsu13 » 29 Sep 2006, 20:22

I voted for SCP's hyper duo as well. Although it can't be denied that the Go Go Girls are a staple in Eurobeat history.

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Post by Nine » 30 Sep 2006, 01:30

go go girls > kiki & kika by far

though recent go go girls songs haven't been *too* great... all of the kiki & kika/fancy/whatever songs have been medicore at best; and the majority of the go go girls songs have been huge hits.
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Post by Sadie » 30 Sep 2006, 01:32

I've never been overwhelmingly please by any of Kiki & Fancy or Kika & Fancy songs. The Go Go Girls, to me, have released some great tracks over the years. My vote went to them. Some of their songs aren't that great, but still, some are great.
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Post by cigy41987 » 30 Sep 2006, 02:08

Go Go Girls haven't been so hot lately...but look back! There are some fucking INSANELY good songs from those ladies. Annerley, Elena, Allessandra, etc.
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Post by drnrg » 30 Sep 2006, 04:27

Go Go Girls All The Way. "Rock Me Baby" and "Funny Love" Best Go Go Girls Ever. + the name is SMOKING"

Yeah, "Nightmare In The City" is awesome

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Post by Jion » 30 Sep 2006, 06:40

Kiki, Kika & Fancy! I loooove them ^_^
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Post by Cosmic_Bard » 30 Sep 2006, 15:39

Go Go Girls. Not even close. Some of ABeatC's best tracks have been done by them.
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Re: Who Is Better...Go Go Girls vs Kiki, Kika, & Fancy

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 25 Jul 2019, 19:21

My answer should be obvious:

Go Go Girls

The reason may be a little bit odd, but simple. The reason is, I don't have a single song from Kiki, Kika & Fancy in my playlist. From the Go Go Girls I have at least 4 songs in my playlist. I know, that's not much, but at least, I love their songs. And the Go Go Girls are imo more popular.

Recently I found their song "My hot guitar" and this came instantly in my playlist. Listen to it! :wink:

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Re: Who Is Better...Go Go Girls vs Kiki, Kika, & Fancy

Post by Bonkers » 25 Jul 2019, 21:06

Definitely the Go Go Girls. But Kiki & Kika / Fancy can definitely hold their own.

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