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Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 10:09
by Paraclete
Well, It's a past topic about which Nation we talk, If you watch what the Japan politic do toward China on TV(If you know China-Invasion Wars) recently, you'd understand me
We are friends :wink:

Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 10:09
by Shawaazu
Chico Chico wrote:I think you chose the wrong type of music to listen too Paraclete... :(
I second that. How did u come across Eurobeat anyway? It must have through something Japanese or something, unless you knew about Italo Disco before? Hmmmmm :?

Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 10:45
by Paraclete
I know it from PPPgame, but I don't think it's J-music at first... :idea:

Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 14:49
by aXu
Paraclete.. Between China and Japan.. i choose Japan.

SEB is released only in Japan (or should i say "made for japanese marketing).. so of course they mention Japanese towns, Nightclubs.. anything what is related to Japan. So why should they mention etc. China or any other place.. ok.. they mention Italy, Rome.. but Eurobeat is made in Italy

Posted: 17 Sep 2004, 08:00
by Paraclete
Well, enjoy yourself, I don't wanna say more about what we discuss,change another one...
Here we just talk about EUROBEAT...

Posted: 19 Sep 2004, 02:59
by MaxXRage
Whoa Whoa!! I hate Ale Japan too :P And i really like Cybersex Girl ^^

And I know that have eurobeat from china too, have the parapara sakura movie that have eurobeat music, and i have a cover from flying around the world in chinese e etc...

Posted: 19 Sep 2004, 14:22
by Chico Chico
You know what songs I really don't like? The X-mas version of "Anniversary". What a terrible the remake! I mean, it might be different if they changed a majority of the song, but they only changed a few of the words... :?

Posted: 20 Sep 2004, 08:26
by Ricfiam
I hate songs like Alexis - Take me take me
I don't want to sleep under listening music!

Re: The song i really hate

Posted: 07 Sep 2019, 18:06
by Phil Jay Falcon

The seeds of discord are sown. :evil:

The song I really hate is Dave Rodger's "Boom Boom Japan".

Oh, and also D. Essex' "Tokyo Tokyo".

And many other songs from Nuage. Cause they.... sound so boring. I want to get hyped and not to fall asleep. Specially all these love songs are tedious as fuck. But not all....

Oh, and.... did I mention Niko's "Pilot is the hero"? So dreary.... :ew:

And please don't ask me why! Everyone has is own opinion. Like I said in other threads, Eurobeat should be hype and powerful.

Makke wrote: 12 Sep 2004, 00:37 Mine is: Go Go Girls - Do You Wanna Dance

It's _extremely_ bad.