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Re: Random Eurobeat Thoughts

Post by alpines » 19 Feb 2019, 21:43

Phil Jay Falcon wrote:
19 Feb 2019, 20:50
3. This forum.... has so less activity. Everytime i come here, there's less or nothing new. I'm a litte bit disappointed. :(
'Cuz Discord that's why.

It was not much to begin with the last few weeks/months but Discord cut into that.

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Re: Random Eurobeat Thoughts

Post by Tiger » 23 Feb 2019, 21:57

Lebon14 wrote:
09 Jan 2018, 01:32
"Today's Tune" thread never been a thread for me. I listen to eurobeat daily but I rarely put a song on repeat to make it my "Today's Tune". So, yeah.
I do. :D

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