best/cheesiest lyric?

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best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Kangaroo » 28 Sep 2018, 14:33

Post your funniest/most interesting/strangest lyrics from Eurobeat songs. The ones that make you smile.

I'm partial to "jurrasic lizard superstar hero" (Ika / Go Godzilla Go) and "The music magic wizard of our soul" (Ace / Crazy On Emotion)

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Rain197 » 28 Sep 2018, 15:29

Cindy - Sex On The Beach
It's explicit, and this is rare in Eurobeat

"I look someone to satisfy
Why don't you touch my paradise
You goad me on beach beach, man, you like it

My legs are moving all around
I wanna shout...

Laying down, excite the night
Take off my bikini
Open op it, don't shy
Lick my part on fire
Glow my thinking, how you do?
Tell me, tell me that you need me!

Oh, baby, come on - come on - come
Gimme sex on the beach
Come on - come on - come, babe you tell me
"Gimme sex on the beach"
And lead me into your heaven
Gimme sex on the beach
Come on - come on 'n' try me, baby
and tonight, everybody's waiting for me. OK

Don't waste your time, man, have you done?
Ripp off my clothes and lay me down
Here on the beach with me, it's easy

My legs are moving all around
I wanna shout..."

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Lebon14 » 29 Sep 2018, 00:30

I never really give a crap about lyrics about eurobeat unless it's something really interesting. Sometimes though, in the last legs of SEB, there was these lyrics from the great Manuel's mind.

Hysteria / Manuel (excerp)

Hysteria is your disease
Hysteria you got to believe
Hysteria it can kill
Hysteria I'm your medecine
And if you wanna be happy
Remember to use "your friend" the big vegetable

But if you really wanna be really happy
Fix your problems and don't stress me
Hysteria you're so naive
Hysteria I'm not here to deceive

Underlined part is the part that matters. It's just WTF.

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by xiao » 29 Sep 2018, 01:06

Lebon14 wrote: 29 Sep 2018, 00:30And if you wanna be happy
Remember to use "your friend" the big vegetable

Underlined part is the part that matters. It's just WTF.
:D 🍆

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by alpines » 29 Sep 2018, 09:41

xiao wrote: 29 Sep 2018, 01:06:D 🍆
Lewd huh? :D

Come Back / Go Go Girls
How does it feel so deep inside,
then I grip the pillow tight,
on through the night oh oh oh~

There sure are many funny parts but the ones I like the most are the ones that transition flawlessly with the melody or chorus.
The part where it really starts to pick off because for me there can't be good lyrics without the support of an awesome riff and the whole package.

Kooky Spooky / Scream Team
The whole vocals are a funny but the part that makes me smile is this:

Bats and spiders in a trance,
flutter all around in a para para dance!

Black U.F.O / Lupin
for your life don't you feel you're in danger
Gotta hide away
they reachin' your souuuuul~

You gotta fight them,
Cause you could be the one!
Star to star with the black U.F.O
Gotta move on,
the time's going on
Help me baby, it's a black U.F.O!

Dancing On The Street / David Dima
I can't listen to this without pretending there's a whip in my hand, it just makes me smile so hard all the time:

We can fly together,
the night was made for loving youuuuuuuuuu~

Welcome to the Night,
Dancing on the Street
(sound like a whiplash making this part 200% better)
Come on baby light my fire,
I got the power, ready to fly
Love is all you need!

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Bonkers » 29 Sep 2018, 14:53

Lolita - Heart Attack
You'll be my scrambled eggs.....

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Kat » 29 Sep 2018, 19:21

Alice in ParaPara Land - Like a Lollipop
Make me feel so crazy like a lollipop

Baby Bazooka - Doki Doki Lullaby (Italian Extended)
Ninna nanna, ninna oh
Questo bimbo a chi lo do

Lisa Versach - High School Teacher
I wanna fashion high top model in the sky so cute
A babyqueen an everteen
Wake up in the morning with my book
I'll go to my school I'll go very fast
'Cos I've a lot study and I wanna be ready tonite
When the disco is open

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by drnrg » 21 Oct 2018, 07:25

HRG Attack is great , but you gotta look into Gino Caria's lyrics. Especially at ABeatC. Songs like "Atomic Playboy" and "Hot Dog" are hilariously nasty.

from second verse of" Atomic Playboy"

Put put put your finger in my body and than
You lick lick lick everywhere you wanna lick go!!!
Come come come now you're coming pretty soon oh babe
Feel the heat I'm spitting over you

Mike Skanner - Hot Dog
The song is exactly what you think its about.

I want it mine all mine
"What do you wanna take?"
I like every kind of meat
Put every kind of sauce
No matter how's called
(I'm) wondering if your hands are clear

So so long
I do want
Everytime I'm hungry I come here for you
We alone
(You're) not too young
I'm bursting 'cause I want you so

Many too many times all over
You can't push me away because I touch your
Here in my mind. I like it all times
Chance for your time
Chance for today

I'm havin' fun all times
I'm biting your bread
I just keep it in my mind
It's gettin' down and down
The spicy (red) hot sauce
You excite me more and more

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by drnrg » 21 Oct 2018, 07:36

For those who want to sing along.

"Hot Dog"

'Atomic Playboy"

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by tsujinele » 05 Jan 2019, 08:47

Hmm... Personally, I do think that some of the best lyrics come from HI-NRG ATTACK for various reasons. That label produces some very unique and peculiar lyrics, but they are quite catchy. They also tend to focus on other certain themes, such as Russian culture, Western culture, Japanese culture, animals, weapons, etc. However, while they maintain that kooky factor, they often communicate certain messages and take it somewhere. Their topics appear random, but they often do have a sense of direction. As for cheesiest lyrics, that is difficult because Eurobeat is practically cheese, itself. After all, that is part of its appeal and charm. Fire, cars, energy, power, love, and Japan are generally at the heart of the lyrics. Most songs are fuel for energy and are meant to inject good vibes. Anyway, that is just a bit of my take on the topic.

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Darkholme » 17 Jan 2019, 19:16

One of the first eurobeat songs I heard was The Race is Over and the line about "Driving ON my car!" has haunted me for years. Sure it's just bad grammar but Dave hits that ON perfectly

Weird song topics draw me in the most, like Black UFO mentioned above, or the epic anti-smoking anthem Now is the Time. I think it's the only anti-smoking eurobeat song but I don't mind being corrected on that

"Looking around, what's in the air
Tell me what you see
It's all around, everywhere
In the air we breathe

Smoke is the reason for the doctor you pay
Smoke is the reason everyone's choking
Think of the people smoking everyday
Baby believe me, I'm not joking "

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Re: best/cheesiest lyric?

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 26 Feb 2019, 20:30

I love the lyrics in "Superstar" from Go 2 & DJ Boss:

C'mon - ladies and gentlemen, DJ Boss!
Here's DJ Boss and the GO2!
A match is lost or won, it's up to you
Take a chance now! come with us! go!"
Rock it - you can
Push hard - someone - here coems the fun
Oh, you're a superstar!

Step by step, gonna make it boy,
You've got the fever in you - fever in you
Try and try, you know it's do or die
To make your dream come true - let's go, come

You gotta push your luck a bit harder - just go!
You never know how far you'll drive
Someone is gonna win like crazy
Rock it, you can, push on, zoom on
Here comes te fun

Uoh, you're a superstar
You are the superstar so bring it back on!
Uoh, you're a superstar
So you can do it baby feelin' so hot! c'mon!
Uoh, you're a superstar
Superstar, superstar, keep on movin'!
Uoh, you're a superstar
To the beat 2 the go to the B-O-S-S- superstar
Are you ready?

Hey, are you ready just to the beat? yeah yeah
My, come on everybody start the dance - superstar
Hey, wanna be a lucky star? come on
1! we are GO2 DJ BOSS

Bit by bit everything will fit
No matter what they say - do it do it do it
Rise and fall, we just go for gold
And thru your light will shine - come on!

The lyrics says everything. Or as i would say "Eurobeat-lyrics in a nutshell". Just by reading the lyrics you can feel the power behind it. You know immediately, that this song will hype you, when you hear it from the first time.
Oh yeah, and i love the coolness from DJ Boss. 8)

But there are so many lyrics, that give me a cool smile, when i even just read them. Many, toooooooo many. I can't post all lyrics here, so many are that damn good. And also funny, like Makkeroni's "Can Can World". Love it! :grin:
A look into my playlist should be enough.

Rain197 wrote: 28 Sep 2018, 15:29 Cindy - Sex On The Beach
It's explicit, and this is rare in Eurobeat

Oh, yeah, i can only agree with that. I have the song in my playlist, too.
First i thought about the cocktail "Sex on the beach", but then I read the lyrics. :!:
Yeah, i know, I should have known better. :mrgreen: Especially me, who always thinks about the topic number 1 and just here I don't think about it. Something is wrong with me! >_>

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