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Does anyone have info re: "Super Euro Train" or "Dance Express Hi-Speed"

Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 02:14
by otter87
These were obscure Eurobeat releases that I recently came across and was curious as to any info regarding the production team/labels, vocalists, etc.

Here's the Discogs release page for Super Euro Train. It had a lot of covers of more popular songs.

The first Dance Express Hi-Speed doesn't have a Discogs page but here's the page for the 2nd volume. The first volume also had covers of popular songs along with some Bubblegum Dance covers. Two of the songs on the first volume (Dr. Jekyll - S.O.S. and Cydney - Jive Into The Night) appeared in beatmania IIDX, but I don't have OST scans to see any credits info.

Anyway, I'm sure a couple of you may know something. Looking forward to learning more.