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Looking for Ideas for a Eurobeat-Themed YouTube Channel

Posted: 22 Nov 2019, 22:52
by KiraTM
Hey folks!

I'm planning on creating a YouTube channel with focus on Eurobeat. However, while I do want to something, I still have no clue what exactly I should do.
I'd like to ask you, what do you think is missing in the scene? By now, I thought about an audio-visualized Eurobeat history series. Podcasts about different topics could be interesting too. Also, I was always dreaming of animated cartoons as music videos for Eurobeat songs, but I'd have to learn how to animate first.
These are my only ideas yet. What would you like to watch on YouTube?

I'm also thinking about the language to be used. Engrish would probably be the more understandable language, but I'm not a native speaker and I'm more articulated in my own tongue. If I speak in my own language, I'd add English subtitles, of course. What would you prefer?

Any idea is appreciated!