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Disco NRG Sound System - SUPER EURO HEAT Vol. 12 (Part II - Mixed by ZYX & Densetsu13)

Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 00:41
by Densetsu13
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Parapara Side I
01. Neo – Takumi (B4 ZA Beat Remix)
02. Nando – Dark & Bright
03. F.C.F. – Loveline
04. Black Fighters – Smackdown
05. Jackie ‘O – Doctor of Dream
06. Italo-Speed – Don’t Stop Me Now
07. Misa – Du-Du-Di-Da
08. サクマヒトミ – 南十字の☆
09. Barbie – Parapara Girl (DJ Boss Remix)
10. Energy Man – Bad Bad Bad
11. Queen 26 – Don’t Let Me Be The First
12. Andrea & Baby Girls – Best Of Both Worlds
13. Eri – Moonlight
14. Eri – Stay
15. Ai Yamamoto – Pink In The Pink
16. Ace feat. Romi – One Touch

Techpara Side
17. Delazer – Can’t Stop
18. Naika – Napalm Days
19. Movin’ Tech – Around Me
20. T-Xign feat. Jax – Fly Away (3-Tea Edit)
21. Wienna – Little Angela
22. Habegale - Music
23. Alexia – Summer Is Crazy
24. Trinity – Just The Way To Love (D-Z Zero Wizard Mix)
25. E-Type – Just A Child

Parapara Side II
26. Girl Next Door – Winter Game (Eurogrooves Remix)
27. Girl Next Door – 情熱の代償(Diamond Mirror SCP version)
28. Girl Next Door – Climber’s High (Dima Remix)
29. Yoshimune Soundtrack – キセキの宇宙
30. Mioco – A Live
31. DJ Kazma – Days
32. Christine & Irene – Easy Come & Easy Go
33. Ciao Ciao – Bang Bang Crashing Of The Boom Boom
34. Mickey B. – A Neverending Night
35. Krystal feat. David Dima – 1 Week
36. Krystal – Eternity
37. Yo Shine – Power Of My Love
38. Christine – Bigga Boom
39. Go 2 – Play Loud
40. Paul Harris – Dream Lover
41. Go Go Girls – My Hot Guitar
42. David Dima – End Of The World
43. Eurodudes – Passport To Dance

BPM Range: ? (Original mix file no longer available, however the average clocks in at 160.7 BPM)

Created: December 2012

SCP: 7
Dima Music: 5
Delta: 3
Time: 3
A-Beat-C: 2
Akyr: 2
Blast!: 2
Vibration: 1
Eurogrooves: 1
Plum: 1
SinclaireStyle: 1
Akiba Koubou: 1
Hi-NRG Attack: 1
GoGo’s Music: 1
Miscellaneous: 8

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The second Part of a mix that I helped Jim (ZYX) with for his parapara/techpara event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA called SUPER EURO HEAT (SEH).

I went to visit Jim for New Year’s Eve and Dom (D~tan) was going to be present as well, so he took advantage of having non-local paralists to host an SEH event while we were in town to party with the local regulars! It was also during this period that the King Medley and SEH Vol. 2 were filmed.

All Eurobeat sections were mixed by Jim alone. He was running a bit behind schedule, so while he took care of other things for the event, I took care of mixing the techpara sections for the most part with some parts being mixed by both of us together! Considering we were on a tight time crunch, this mix contains some of the fastest mixing that I have ever done and it shows in some places lol! We apologize for the low quality of sound in certain parts of the mix.

Disco NRG Sound System is the unit that handles Disco NRG's music projects.

- A lot of the track selection was based off of SEH favourites and songs popular with D~tan and myself as we were special guests. As I was a guest, I wasn’t allowed to know anything about the parapara sections so there could be surprises for me during the event. :)

- I absolutely love this first Euro section; mostly 4th boom and some good obscure ones, especially the Disco NRG furitsuke. 8)

- This Techpara section in particular is the very first Techno I had ever mixed. ♥

- That Summer Is Crazy edit we found randomly as we needed the track and didn’t have it so we did a Google Search. We found the intro with all its funky percussion and beats hilarious (you had to be there) so we had to use it. 8D

Thank you for listening and please enjoy! ^^v