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What CD that you didn't really like do you keep returning to?

Posted: 11 Dec 2020, 00:55
by flying_corridor
So as my collection grows I've found my self sometimes returning to CDs that I didn't necessarily like. I don't know why, you get some CDs that have absolute killer tracks on them, then others that you could perhaps say were just mediocre overall. But for me out of all the ones I own SEB224 is probably the most listened to from start to finish.

Maybe it's actually just a really good CD and I don't want to admit it, it was actually one of the randoms I bought for one song, but I think I find that the CD just flows really well, almost to the point I sometimes wish it was a non stop mix. I don't particularly rank any track as being noteworthy, not even Prayer being one of Simclaire's best, but it's one that I enjoy listening to perhaps as much as something like SEB216.

Anyone else found them selves enjoying something well beyond their initial impressions?