Duets You'd Like To Hear

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Duets You'd Like To Hear

Post by Sadie » 03 Nov 2005, 22:17

I was noticing some people were suggesting duets that could be done, and I thought why not create a topic about it; there ya go.

I was listening to Manuel - I've Got To Go a little while ago, and I don't know who said Tomas does the vocals, but as soon as I heard the shouting/screaming in the beggining, I knew it wasn't going to be him! It's definetly the man that always does vocals under the Manuel alias. That was off-topic, sorry ^.^'
Anyway, after thinking about it, I thought a Mega NRG Man and Manuel duet would be awesome! Consider this; the most hard-core vocals (Mega NRG Man) and the most powerful/high-pitch male vocals (Manuel)? It'd be great! =D
(although, there is that possibilty that one of them would be drowned out by the other.... >.>' )
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Post by Cosmic_Bard » 04 Nov 2005, 02:32

Anybody with anybody.

It's rare for duets to turn out poorly.

...but for a real suggestion? How about Fastway/Nick Mansell? Mix Ennio's powerful vocals with Nicola's soulful vocals and you've got a win.
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Post by Mikaeru » 04 Nov 2005, 03:28

Elena F. and, well ANYBODY not female. Haven't heard her Matt Land duet from the Winnie the Pooh cd, but her little stint in Shock Me went well. I'm actually really surprised she hasn't duetted with Dave, aside from Happy Hours, unless I'm missing something.

Christine and Ace is another I'd like to hear. And another surprise that hasn't happened. Sticking with SCP, maybe Van and Lisa Lion. I'm still convinced she did backup on some of his 15x tracks.

And, as I said in another thread, Van and Kevin Johnson. And, as I said in the other thread, I'm working on it, Mr. Newfield. :P

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Post by michaelz » 04 Nov 2005, 06:19

A christmas song from Vibration - Ken L./davide/Norma or Regina. since christmas is coming and the previous vib chris. hits didn't sound too......

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Post by Nine » 05 Nov 2005, 10:12

Domino & Freddy would be sooo awesome to hear... mother and son~ She's also hinted that this may happen, so it's a posibility! :)

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Post by Cosmic_Bard » 05 Nov 2005, 12:35

I hadn't even thought of that. That would be cool... but it'd be cross-label, wouldn't it?

Also, speaking of cross-label, what about Freddy Rodgers/Baby Bazooka?

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Post by DanWaigand » 06 Nov 2005, 22:35

Joji.. err.. Malagaxor? yeahwhatever.. we were trying to talk Panu into posting an April fools day list of and album called "Super Euro Tag Team". It featured us throwing many cross-label names together. Too bad he didnt get the message in time...

One of the ideas we came up with was Go 2 & The Spiders From Mars [Sounds pretty good, but probly sounds better then it would be..]

Maybe Ace and Matt Land would be good.. but then maybe they have too similar styles. Baby Bazooka and Freddy Rodgers was one of the ones I said too.

when not thinking of crossed labels, I wouldnt mind Powerful T and Ace Warrior though.. Heheh.

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Post by drnrg » 09 Nov 2005, 11:51

8) I'll take Giancarlo Garia and Fernando Bonini

or Elena Ferrati and Clara Moroni oh wait ...that's Gypsy & Queen :D

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Post by hollypolly » 12 Nov 2005, 19:42

I would like to listen to Niko Kickboxing.. Apparently it's a song sung by Niko and Cherry.. But never released in Avex comp ... or am I wrong??

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Post by Ace! » 15 Nov 2005, 18:33

Mmm... Ace & Christine... I love those guys! ^^

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Post by Jion » 15 Nov 2005, 19:01

drnrg wrote:8) I'll take Giancarlo Garia and Fernando Bonini

or Elena Ferrati and Clara Moroni oh wait ...that's Gypsy & Queen :D
Giancarlo or Giacomo?
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Re: Duets You'd Like To Hear

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 05 Nov 2019, 13:23

I have already my favorite duet: Ace & Fastway! :grin:

But apart of that: How about a cool duet between Fastway and DJ NRG? For me that would be great. No, better, a dream. Both have individual voices that can be recognized immediately by fans. I mean, if someone would tell me in all seriousness (just an example), that Ric Fellini and DJ NRG are not the same person...., no shit, I would smack his face.
No, what I want to tell you is, that are some Eurobeat-artists, which you would recognize immediately. This is, why they are so great for me, specially these 2, that I mentioned earlier. Nobody has so great voices like Fastway & DJ NRG, so this would be hilarious, if they would sing a song together. That would be a great duet. But dreams are dreams....

Oh, and..., I think a duet between Pamsy and Nikita Jr. would give me multiple orgasms. :D Cause I love these girls. Pamsy has a beautiful voice, Nikita Jr. has this.... ehm..., anime-voice? Ah, whatever, I don't find the right words right now, lol. :mrgreen: But a duet between them... THAT would be a masterpiece. Then a good powerful and sprighty crazy song and I would be happy. But dreams are..., wait, I already mention that.

There are still more duets I could imagine, but that would be a wall of text. :) Too bad, the Eurobeat-series has ended. I think, I would never see (or better "hear") those dream-duets.

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Re: Duets You'd Like To Hear

Post by Bonkers » 23 Nov 2019, 00:48

Elena Gobbi & Clara & Elisebetta (from Hi-NRG Attack)

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