Favorite Misheard Lyric?

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Favorite Misheard Lyric?

Post by Nine » 21 Jul 2004, 02:07

Inspired by Panu's Misheard Lyrics page, post your favorite misheard lyrics here! (Either can be from his page, or ones that aren't!)

Mine are:

Domino - ParaPara Paradise
- Ducky Ducky Hungry
-> Doki Doki Honey

Domino - Popteen
- Captain king, the english style, dog food, morphine
-> Genki ni pinkish dantotsu popteen

Dave Simon - Killer
- With an erection
-> Without direction

Domino - Gotcha!
- Aaya gotcha! Ooh fuck you fuck you!
-> Aaya gotcha! Ooh bakkyun bakkyun!

Domino - 1,2, Santos (English Version)
- You're just sick for some sex
-> You're just sick for success

Lisa Lion - Big On Emotion
- Everyone in China's a foo-hool, I shoot them and it's gonna bring them to hell
-> Everyone in town is a voodoo, machines that never got a brain in the head

Knick Knack - I Know Your Game
- I know you're gay, I know you're gay.
-> I know your game, I know your game

^^^ from his site

and from my mind:

Domino - Domino Dancing
- I sat on a lion
-> It's Saturday night and


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Post by Shawaazu » 21 Jul 2004, 05:22

Love & Pride - Love & Passion
-My daddy I lose control
->My darlin I lose control

It's even worse when you read the rest of the lyrics

And just for something fun, my fav weird lyrics

Jean Corraine - Mystery
->"You" change my world just like fresh orange juice


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Post by sobakasu » 21 Jul 2004, 21:06

Gotcha! I wanna fuck you fuck you up!



I'm an idiot <3.

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Re: Favorite Misheard Lyric?

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 07 Sep 2019, 17:26

Thank god I'm not the only one, who misheard some lyrics. This happens sometimes to me, too, haha!^^

For example in "Burning up the Night (Total Fire)" from 2 Fast. The lyrics says:

"One more a burning night
One more a death inside
One more a dream to live"

But I always understand:

"One moron burning night
One moron dead inside
One moron dream to live"

This is the best! :mrgreen:

Or another example is "Secret Passion" from Dolly! Here the original lyrics:

"Forgive my secret passion I can't stop loving you oh darling
Forgive my hot confession I am mad about your love"

But she sings it so fast, I always understand this:

"Fucking my secret passion I can't stop loving you oh darling
Fucking my hot confession I am mad about your love"


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