Deshima Sounds - The Hague, The Netherlands

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Deshima Sounds - The Hague, The Netherlands

Post by SuperEuroJimmy » 03 Oct 2008, 21:40


Hello fellow eurobeat faniods!

I am proud to present you Deshima Sounds. A night filled with the latest and hottest eurobeat, hyper techno, trance and hardcore. And all, of course, straight from the land of the rising sun (which would be Japan).

On the 25th of October (sadly on the same day as Roppongi Street, but we arranged it a loong time before they did ;P), 'de Bazart' will be turned into a mini J-club. From 18:00h till 23:00h DJs MK☆ and Neodash Zerox will be your hosts. Even though it's mainly targeted at Dutch fans, everyone is of course welcome!

Visit our website at (Dutch only, sorry), or message me if you need any more info, help, or whatever.

And maybe we'll see you at Deshima Sounds! : D

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