is in some trouble

Wave your arms from side to side, do the parapara all!
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Post by Mindsweeper » 01 Mar 2012, 10:48

As I'm sure any regulars to the site have noticed, it's been 404d for a few days now. Check the post on facebook here:

Jacobo doesn't have the time to fix it himself, apparently, so I thought I would try to spread the word more to see if anyone could help out.

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Post by zyx » 21 Apr 2012, 22:10

It's sad but I think Para-Cen just needs to create a facebook group at this point.

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Post by nullsoon » 24 Jul 2012, 22:54

hi, I'm Jacobo.

I have the site up as you can see. Is anyone able to admin the forums there?

like create the boards and enable registrations? I don't think we need anything fancier at this point.

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