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Larabelle - Love As A Weapon

Duty babe, yes I'm duty you know how much I care
I guess you don't believe me

Beat me babe come on stick me, I think it's not the worst
I just can't stop lovin' you
You gonna...

Drive me crazy with your calls on the phone
I'll never beware of sweety words to me
And when you
Get me ready with your games in the bed
I'll never be safe because you are my hunter
And now you use my
Love as a weapon shoot to thrill.
And all the love that I gave you, you gave it away
You take the
Love as a weapon as you feel
And now you know you can hurt me whenever you want
You use my...

Funny babe it's not funny, I wouldn't be to stay
It's something really stronger

This is not the same, your kisses are like the words you say
You just can't stop tell me lies

You gonna....