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by Hellacia
20 Feb 2019, 04:33
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Top 10 Best and Worst Eurobeat Songs of All Time
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Re: Top 10 Best and Worst Eurobeat Songs of All Time

While I haven't heard most of these songs except for Listen To Eurobeat and People Like Dancing, I can tell you one of the stupidest songs to come from Mr. Sinclaire is Big is Your Faith by Kevin Johnson. The title and lyrics make absolutely ZERO sense, especially the first part of chorus where you ...
by Hellacia
13 Feb 2019, 04:44
Forum: Database Entries
Topic: Lyrics submission thread
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Re: Lyrics submission thread

Got some new lyrics: Edo Boys - Leaving Planet Earth Planet Earth isn't alright mother Please take care of the deep space for future Planet Earth, there is nothing we can do To protect your journeying messenger From the stars, everything looks so beautiful There should be still be no reason for What...