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by nachobeat yagami
13 Dec 2007, 20:34
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Favorite Mega NRG Man Song
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Rock me
I Can Be Your Dee Jay
Super hero
Into the night
by nachobeat yagami
13 Dec 2007, 20:24
Forum: News
Topic: Babyface 178 is out
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They are very good styles of music that emerged as daniel among others.
by nachobeat yagami
13 Dec 2007, 20:21
Forum: Music, anime, things not very eurobeatish
Topic: Favorite non-eurobeat artist/band
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I like the Japanese style as:
Nanase aikawa
by nachobeat yagami
13 Dec 2007, 20:18
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Early videos of Dave Rodgers!!!
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Many thanks for the videos I liked very much to see the aleph
by nachobeat yagami
07 Dec 2007, 20:34
Forum: News
Topic: Superfast Eurobeat 182
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That's great to be come more singers super eurobeat I liked a lot more