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by Mikaeru
04 May 2005, 09:22
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: HI NRG Attack Updates
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Maybe it's just me, but I'm surprised there hasn't been one credited to Bazooka Girl in a while, and she doesn't have a profile up on their artist page. And all that despite being on the 150 dvd.

And is Caballero a(nother) remake, or something new? It's hard to imagine her singing the male parts...
by Mikaeru
28 Apr 2005, 16:03
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: Kevin Johnson / DJ Lhasa
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Kevin Johnson / DJ Lhasa

Not sure on this one, but is Kevin Johnson/D. Budriesi the vocalist for DJ Lhasa's cover of Together Forever? Doesn't sound like he used Rick Astley's vocals, and they kinda remind me of Kevin's... Maybe I'm just imagining things. But also, on DJ Lhasa's page, Davide Budriesi is given credit for som...
by Mikaeru
22 Mar 2005, 07:56
Forum: Eurobeat Talk
Topic: What is your favourite song of Clara Moroni?
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I've always liked Eurobeat Girls - People Come On!

Her voice sounds almost like one of the synths.