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Hello everyone. ^..^

Posted: 08 Sep 2010, 09:25
by Shonen Neko Takaya
My name is Takaya and obviously because I'm here. I love Eurobeats.

Kinda obvious that I would gather.

I guess I might as well start with my story of how I came across Eurobeats. I am assuming many have a similar encounter with an anime about a certain Panda Trueno.

This is mostly the case with me but was aware of ParaPara as dance before Eurobeat as music. Mostly because I'm a raver and enjoy a lot of different styles of beats. My favorite to dance to is probably Jungle and Drum and Bass, but I find everything with good bass appealing on some level.

I have a pretty intense studio, but I hate to really discuss it. I am bored to tears of "acid heads" talking about analog this and digital that and what they think about hardware. I always find that one person who's like " That's not a real TB-303." Of course I then have to ask.... then what is it? Because to me, once it hits tape or an analog digital convertor then nobody is going to be able to really tell you what synth that may or may not be. That and the never ending flood of drugs and youth I am having some trouble relating to musically. The Rave scene I am worn out with, but still am considering returning to because making house is easy for me. As is Jungle.

I found myself more and more interested in possibly producing Eurobeat. I'm not the greatest singer and not the greatest guitar player, but can do both. I consider myself a pretty average to below average producer.

You can be the judges of that if you'd like. I make music for fun. I also make the weird videos too.

I was stalking this place for a while now reading Bore's reviews.

I have a love/ hate relationship with this person already.

I love the fact that this person literally hates every song I consider a winner. I'll keep it simple on this one. I am a HUGE Norma Sheffield fan... That should just about say it all. I like the guy in m.o.v.e.'s rap and I find Dave Rodgers "Cool" Not sure what that says about me but at any rate. It's also refreshing as hell to hear someone like a song that you think is horrible in your personal opinion. I look at you VIP is JP.

I hate the fact that sometimes I find myself still being into a track but then agreeing with Bore that it's a bloated Macho piece of crap or like.... an insipid tasteless saltine of a track. Another one of Norma's Normas.

But despite all this, I hear a Eurobeat and am like YES! Kinda have this thing going on with Digital Planet. A couple of Digital Planet are just epic to me like We'll see heaven and Take my Desire. Queen 26's Don't let me be the first. Futureland by Ace. Those are just a couple I've been playing the hell out of.

I hate Megamixes. I prefer the way I spin them, but I know the way I spin them isn't kosher in JP. I guess my reasoning for the way I spin them is I like the songs too much to just cut them at a minute. I realize the reasoning behind the short songs but still just drives me nuts to hear them that way.

Been wanting to join for a bit but have been kind of busy and not sure if I should.

I've got some neat and fun stuff planned for the Eurobeat scene provided things keep going the way they have been.

I'm excited to meet everyone and am stoked for everyones input.

I am a cat man. I know that's weird for some but it is the case.... Just the ears and the tail. I'm a kemonomimi after all and not some furry.

Posted: 08 Sep 2010, 11:54
by WNight
Haven't seen such a detailed introduction for quite some time on this forum now. Thanks and welcome. I have gone through a few of your songs on youtube and they sound pretty slick.

Btw, You are a HUGE Norma fan ? You deserve a bow just for that.

Posted: 08 Sep 2010, 20:40
by Shonen Neko Takaya
Yeah, I just really love Norma Sheffield. Lolita and Domino are both epic, but Norma just does it for me for some reason.

I like it when people have different tastes and opinions. I still consider myself a "noob" when it comes to the Eurobeat and ParaPara scene.

Interestingly enough my first encounter with Eurobeat/Eurodance was Samantha Fox in like 1988. The border was an interesting place then with a lot of Freestyle and Miami Big Beat. When you're 8 thought, you don't know that stuff. It just sounds cool.

Thanks for the compliment on my beats. I wish they were better.

Hopefully Bore isn't upset with my critic of his reviews. I appreciate the insight into who's making what beats though. I have like Zero clue about that stuff. I just know if I like a track or not.

I think that's what makes Eurobeat and really all dance music so interesting. Nobody has the same tastes and everyone's "sound" would be different if they decided to pick up spinning beats.

Sorry, I am a bit long on my posts but I have a lot to say when it comes to music. It's pretty much my life.

Thanks again!

Posted: 09 Sep 2010, 03:20
by WNight
Most of the people on this forum generally respect each other's opinion so don't worry about people getting offended when you don't agree with them. Feel free to critic and all but just remember never to go overboard.

Oh and don't worry about the long posts, Feel free to spread your love for music here, It's pretty much a music forum here anyways.

Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 12:27
by Baileyy
Hi.This is Bailey from USA. I'm here because i love Euro beat, I wanted to say thanks for providing us such great plate form of euro beat