Best Male Artist

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Best Male Artist/Group

Dave Rodgers
Marko Polo
Matt Land
Mega NRG Man
Powerful T.
Total votes: 71

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Post by Shawaazu » 14 Aug 2004, 03:54

Nine wrote:
everfree wrote:On my SEB 90 I usually just listen to the female side cause the male side gets kinda boring. o.o;
You're just like me! Honestly, I don't even think I've ever listened to the Male side of seb90. XD They should make more of those. =3
OMG you're right! The female side is amazing work, B4Za Beat does extremely good work. The transition between Go Baby Go and Hot Love & Emotion was one of the best things I have ever heard.

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Post by Rakuen » 05 Dec 2004, 13:25

Dave Rodgers is my favorite because he was one of the first eurobeat artists I'd ever heard, and I still like him to this day. Space Boy is a personal favorite of mine.

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Post by Nine » 12 Dec 2004, 14:41

Hey, I just noticed something. Nuage was left out of the favorite male artists poll ;) XDDD

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Post by Khaki_29uk » 20 Dec 2004, 16:07

I'm going for Mega NRG Man. He's come out with a lot of stuff and it's generally been good! It was hard though. A lot of good artists.

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Post by firegear » 25 Dec 2004, 05:56

gotta luv rodgers... but i usually find myself listening to marko polo alot more. ^__^"

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Post by Chico Chico » 27 Dec 2004, 23:25

I went with Dave Rodgers as I've always basically liked his sound, but I am frankly shocked that there was not a single HI NRG Attack artist... My vote would totally have gone to Franz Tornado (or Jungle Bill or Mad Cow or any other of those aliases) or even Jeff Driller or Garcon.... oh well... I still believe HRG is bestest!~ :wink:

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Post by Bore » 04 Feb 2005, 10:09

Strange how Niko hasn't gotten a single vote... Rather surprising imho.

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Post by Paraclete » 21 Feb 2005, 14:43

MEGA NRG MAN no doubt,the Xtreme SPEED, I go for it
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Post by Takarou » 23 Feb 2005, 00:24

Fastway. Hands down. There's no other artist out there where I like every one of their songs.

I like Mega NRG Man, but for some reason I get sick of most of his songs real quick (exception to "Express Love").

Ace... if all of his songs were like "Play the Music" and "Crazy Sexy Baby", it would have been really hard for me to pick between him and Fastway. But "Moonchild" made my ears bleed, seriously, and "ynamite" left me feeling very disappointed. I swear, he downed a gallon of milk right before he recorded that one. o_O

I fail to understand why people love Dave Rodgers so much. Like many others, he was my first taste of Eurobeat (First episode of Initial D.. heh), but other than "Space Boy", I've never liked anything from him. Actually, I find most of it to be extremely boring. o_o I can't even listen to "Space Boy" anymore because I'm so sick of it. :O

Ye'nno, this could have been made very difficult for me if D.Essex were on there. There's a lot of his songs that I can't stand, but the ones that I like capture my soul and own me for life ("Restless and Wild", "Thank You-Arigato", "Music Forever", "Hyper Star Energy", "Take Me to the Top", "Dancin' Crazy", "Master Power"). The whole owning of the soul is something that only three Fastway songs have managed to do, so you can see where it'd be hard. :O

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Post by Sadie » 10 Jun 2005, 00:40

I voted for Mega NRG Man; I don't know why, but his voice has always appealed to me, even before I knew much about Eurobeat. He was actually the artist that brought me into it! His voice demands my attention, and I can always recognize him from the other male vocalists. He's also part of the "older genetation" of Eurobeat, and for him to still be doing so well is great! I hope he contiues singing for a long time! He's the best in my opinion.

I like Dave Rodgers too, as well as Matt Land. But, compared to Mega NRG Man, they don't stand a chance! [So far] I like Niko, Manuel, Marko Polo, Fastway, D.Essex, and Powerful T, but I haven't heard a lot by them to be honest.
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Post by Cosmic_Bard » 05 Sep 2005, 17:27

Loving the Niko hate-on. Take that, Delta.

No Dusty or Franz Tornado? Or even Nick Mansell?

Well, I voted for Matt Land anyhow. He has far too many good songs to ignore, IMO.
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Post by Bore » 22 Sep 2005, 12:23

Humm was browsing these older topics and wondered how Niko hasn't gotten a single vote :x... Sorta confusing I think.

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Post by Sasuke_Uchiha » 26 Jan 2006, 01:18

Fastway (Dusty) all the rat


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Post by drnrg » 26 Jan 2006, 06:59

8) None of those are my favorite artist. My alltime favorite is the deseased Gino Caria, because he did all my favorite vocals at TIME. If I had to chose now it have to be..
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Post by Irrati » 23 Mar 2006, 04:31

Tough choice. I go with Ace. Even though I think he's hit-or-miss...when his songs are good, they're awesome, and when they're bad, I don't hate them. His songs have a tendency to grow on me, too [I used to hate Fantasista! but now it's one of my favourites].

A close second is Fastway. He has the consistency that Ace lacks. I love him as Dusty and I love him as Fastway; he's got the best of two worlds going.

[Ironically enough, I'm not particularly fond of Go2]

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