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Posted: 23 Mar 2006, 05:48
by Humbedooh
Nine wrote:Matt Land, because he's very sexy. XD
Methinks Matt sounds like a chick :p :p

Definitely Ace \o/, albeit probably biased a bit because of the lovely songs he writes as well - always cheers me up when he "tries" to hit the high notes and his voice changes totally (though, probably more fun when you know who Claus Meyer is, as Ace sounds a lot like him)

All in all, it's not because he's got a very masculine (nor feminine!) voice, but's so much different from the bland stereotypical italian voices of giancarlo/matt/etc, in my opinion at least. (yes, I know I'm inviting a punch in the face :p)

Posted: 24 Sep 2006, 10:47
by NPC
I was thinking Manuel or fastway. However I think Dave Rodgers has done alot for the eurobeat genre so he gets my vote.

Posted: 03 Oct 2006, 04:24
by lightsol
Dave. He has done so much for the genre AND he sings. Amazing.

Posted: 13 May 2007, 19:49
by Mirò
Fastway, without a doubt!!!
He is amazing, I love all his songs!!! Even the Dusty ones =PP

Posted: 13 May 2007, 23:26
by Humbedooh
Why is Dole Bludgers still in the lead :(

Posted: 14 May 2007, 02:58
by MesdoramElmdor
Where's the love for Mauro Farina and Davide Di Marcantonio =[

Posted: 15 May 2007, 04:00
by zoupzuop2
Write-in vote for Franz Tornado or Tam Arrow, plzkthx.

Otherwise Ace has my vote.

Posted: 15 May 2007, 04:13
by MesdoramElmdor
I honestly can say that none of my favorite vocalists are up there. I am a big fan of Gianni Coraini, Gino Caria, Fernando Bonini, Davide Di Marcantonio, Claudio Magnani, Ravenant (Hi-Site & Delta), Nicola Mansueto, Mauro Farina, and Luca Torchiani. Those are really the only male vocalists that I really like a lot.

Re: Best Male Artist

Posted: 26 Feb 2019, 19:42
by Phil Jay Falcon
Wow, this is pretty old here...

Let's bring this topic back to life. ^^

My decision here is also pretty easy. Sure, i like those guys like Ace, Nico, Manuel, Mega NRG Man, D. Essex, Marko Polo and Matt Land, from those Eurobeat-artists i have a few songs in my playlist. But my No. 1 is Fastway. I wrote in another thread, why i like him and why he's imo the best. I have so many songs from him in my playlist. More than from the others. So that's why my decision is so clearly.

I hope, nobody will kill me for this right now, but maybe i'm the only one, who doesn't like Dave Rodgers so much. I myself don't know why. I even don't have a single song from him in my playlist.

And BTW: Aren't Nico, Marko Polo and D. Essex the same person?

Oh yeah, and this poll could be also updated. :???: The good ol' Ken Laszlo should be also here (known as DJ NRG, Ric Fellini & Jean Corraine).

Re: Best Male Artist

Posted: 26 Feb 2019, 20:45
by alpines
Phil Jay Falcon wrote:
26 Feb 2019, 19:42
And BTW: Aren't Nico, Marko Polo and D. Essex the same person?
It's Niko and yes, it's his aliases (Marko Polo not 100%). If you can't find the information on the eurobeat-prime page you should always take a peek at discogs!

Re: Best Male Artist

Posted: 26 Jul 2019, 02:30
by Bonkers
And some love for the men at Hi-NRG Attack