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Just couldn't cut it SEB

Posted: 13 Jul 2015, 22:01
by Bonkers
With the upcoming SEB 235 being a non-stop, which SEB entry between 221-234 do you think just couldn't cut it? This excluded Best Of 13/14 & 230 Anniversary.

Posted: 13 Jul 2015, 22:16
by Bore
228, only album from where I found zero entries to remember fondly.

Posted: 13 Jul 2015, 22:37
by Bonkers
Bore wrote:228, only album from where I found zero entries to remember fondly.
My vote as well!. 228 was just odd. I liked One Love, One Love, The Winner is Me, and Learning Love...and that was it.

Posted: 14 Jul 2015, 04:20
by #Infinity
I haven't heard any of the 230's albums, but my least favorite record from the 220's is probably SEB 229. Tiger is the only song on that album with lasting value for me. The rest never grew on me; they're mostly disjointed, forgettable, or both. Hot Like a Fire is an especially horrendous production. Even usual heavyweights like Fastway, Luka, and Pamsy have little to offer.

Dishonorable mention goes to SEB 222, which also has only one real highlight (Sunlight), as well as several disappointments by artists who I expected more from, like Ace, Irene, and Mark Farina. The album as a whole is slightly better than 229, but it's still one of the worst installments of Super Eurobeat, next to volumes 32, 112, and 114.

Posted: 16 Jul 2015, 09:37
by KiraTM
228 was one of my favorites of 220's. Operation Casblanca and Catching The Fire made it for me. :D

When I think of SEBs that couldn't cut it, three albums come to my mind: 222, 232 and 233. While 222 has some nice songs, I can only think of one good song each on 232 (Crazy Information) and 233 (Run To Me). In the end, I voted for 233, because 232 does have a beautiful cover at least. :grin:

Posted: 18 Jul 2015, 19:17
by eXtaticus

Posted: 18 Jul 2015, 19:39
by Lebon14
I was tied between 223 and 224. Ended up voting for 223. 228 had some pretty good songs. Such as "Give A New Go" <3 <3 <3 <3

Posted: 18 Jul 2015, 23:46
by #Infinity
eXtaticus wrote:
#Infinity wrote:114.


Come on, only the Delta tracks on 114 were shit; the rest was awesome. And I actually don't like pre-Capaldi Delta, so that really wasn't an issue for me.

A-Beat C were clearly on near-top form that month. ;P
The album as a whole is really disappointing until the end. Bang Bang Kill My Heart is pretty good, although the rest of the Delta songs are quite poor. Too much failed experimentation on Leonardi's part (You Got Me Spellbound, Passion in the Night), too much unoriginality (Tokyo Lights) and mediocrity (Adorable) on Newfield's.

A-Beat C is admittedly decent on the compilation, but it's not their best showing for the time, either (SEB 111, for example, had Matt Land's Invisible and Powerful T.'s My Fire, one of my favorite eurobeat songs of all time). Hot Vampire isn't bad, but I prefer the Go 2 version from SEB 193. Ready for Your Heart is also cute, but definitely not at the same level as Jealousy or Everybody Dance. Freedom to Love Me is okay but definitely the weakest song in a fantastic decade for Powerful T. Dave Rodgers' Let's Go to the Show (K2 the Auto Messe), however, is cheesy and lame, and easily one of the worst opening tracks ever on SEB. Milli Vanilli-er I mean Norma Sheffield, is garbage as usual.

Time is especially bad on SEB 114, however. Life is painfully monotonous and undoubtedly David Dima's worst song with the label. Boom Boom Party is one of the most downright annoying things I've ever heard, and All Around the World seems like a sloppy, overblown sequel to I Need Your Love (which I don't even care much for aside from the production). Lovely Day is super dull, despite traveling at a faster pace, while Broken Heart is typical, 2000s-era Time aishu junk.

Even though SEB 114 has its moments, the amount of bad or forgettable numbers makes it a serious drag to listen through to the end.

Posted: 20 Jul 2015, 21:30
by para_rigby
eXtaticus wrote:
#Infinity wrote:114.
And I actually don't like pre-Capaldi Delta
You and I are completely opposite. The new Delta sounds way too much the same with their productions (sans Go Shinkansen and Spider Queen). I'm assuming that you're not a fan of Sinclaire or Newfield?