Artists database update

Issues regarding the database can be pointed out here.
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Artists database update

Post by Crockett » 09 Jul 2016, 17:13

Sorry, if I shouldn't create a new topic, but I don't see any good old topic.

Is Bore planning, some corrections, make an final order, changes on the site, in the database of artists?

I read a couple texts. It just can't be like that, please...

Empty profiles, blurred pictures, informations really outdated, imprecise or wrong, quite apart from the rumors being an element of such serious place. This is or was a nice musical site and database, but that's dinosaur, made to quickly and hasn't been supplemented since a very long time.

These all details about careers, simple facts are easy available since many years, I'm sure that the most of fans know more, than is currently presented on the Eurobeat Prime page.

It looks like very first version of biographies, after discovering some more or less basical informations a bit after the year 2000.

I even can help about the part of Eurobeat I'm interested, but please do something with this, with only several, over a dozen links, but do something.

I just don't know what is the situation and why it stucked and has been forgotten.


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Post by Bore » 10 Jul 2016, 09:11

With the actual site upgrade the artist database editor hopefully becomes functional again. As of late the old system has been borked and unable to do proper updates which has halted any actual edits into it.

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