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Super Eurobeat 169 / New Battle

Post by Bore » 05 Jun 2006, 15:25

The tracklisting for the last bit of this decade is about to be released on the 21st of June with a mighty interesting tracklisting this time around:

1.A. Gordon - Say Yeah
2.Candy Taylor - Eurobeat Kind Of Love
3.Gipsy Baby - Oh Honey Oh
4.Lou Grant - Maharaja Night 2006
5.Bombers - Mr. Frankenstein
6.Lolita - Hot For Your Love
7.Garcon - Super Kaiser
8.Norma Sheffield - Love Can Be Your Game
9.Kiki & Fancy - Roly Poly Rock
10.Yellowfin - Welcome To The Beach
11.Rose - Magic Rainbow
12.Cy-Ro - Get The Dark Side Into My Brain
13.Christine & Van T.K. - Now Celebrate
14.Neo - Disco Fire
15.Sophie - Drive In The Night
16.SCP All Stars - Big Heart
17.Alvin - Dream Of You
18.Ale - If You Ever Leave Me

A new Battle has also commenced finally after <b>Matt Land - Fever The Night</b> won the previous tournament. This time around it's yet an another decade back to the history of Eurobeat. The Big 100. <a href="">Best Of Beats - Super Eurobeat 100</a>.

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