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Review + Other updates

Post by Bore » 08 Jun 2006, 17:47

• The review for the latest <a href="">Super Eurobeat 168</a> has been added to the review database.

• On top of that the lyrics database has been updated with the newest albums.

• Also the misheard lyrics section has been updated with some 20 new misheard bits.

DJ Mike
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Post by DJ Mike » 12 Jul 2006, 20:50

That entry for Big On Emotion makes me laugh XD At no time have I ever heard anything other than "Everyone in town is a voodoo" - and I thought that was a misheard lyric in itself. Bizarre!

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Post by the_ditz » 13 Jul 2006, 20:54

Lol, the misheard lyrics section always makes me smile - I used to think the line "You'll be my scrambled eggs" in Heart Attack by Lolita was me totally mishearing it until I realised that was the actual lyric... :lol:

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