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Forum clean up

Post by Bore » 16 Aug 2006, 22:37

Okay as many who visit the forums must've noticed there've been a lot of bots hanging about posting crap topics and such. I hope things will be somewhat more in control when my personal tech support gets around to looking at the situation. Thank you again Jordan for the help.

Also a notice that around 100 accounts have been deleted as they were spammer bots. I apologise if any actual accounts were deleted in the mix. I tried to be exact and not hit any authentic accounts while doing this. But if your account has vanished you have me to blame.

Currently I'm in the process of cleaning all of the bots from the user list, so accidents might also happen in the future. Viva the night~

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Post by valiant » 20 Aug 2006, 06:30

There is a big invasion in the general discussion board :shock:

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