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Super Euroboredom 171

Post by Bore » 29 Sep 2006, 02:57

So we start off yet an another eurobeat decade with 171. I got the album reviewed and ready for butchery as I was fairly unsatisfied with the album. Either way the review for <a href="">Super Eurobeat 171</a> is ready to be read.

Also lots of other albums incoming, hopefully with a higher level!

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Post by NPC » 30 Sep 2006, 22:26

Good review!
Intercooler so far is my most played out of the album.(It's getting stuck in my head)

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Post by Shinji-kun[NGE] » 02 Oct 2006, 13:15

Wow! Our opinions about new SEB are almost similar!
3 best songs - agree, but i'll highlight Go 2 - Power as 4th)
BUT, i didn't like Cy-ro - Intercooler... What happened with Hi-NRG-Attack? Why don't they make songs like Velfarre2000, Super Euro Flash, Mad Cow? These songs are masterpieces of eurobeat and i can't say this about what they produce nowadays... :(

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Post by drnrg » 05 Oct 2006, 07:05

8) I can't disagree too much with your review. You shot down AbeatC pretty bad, but they are not a lable I defend too much. When It comes to Go Go Girls ,Nuage and Powerful T., The songs I enjoy from them are in the past. Mark Gillan , however would not be too pleased with all his songs simply being thought of as boring. All in all You gave TIME and HRG high grades and that makes you all right in my book :D Great Job!

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Post by Schiznik » 06 Oct 2006, 04:26

Nice review, except i disagree with you on some things.
Rainbow is probably one of the top 3 best songs, and Say You will isnt as bad as you said it is.

But heh, its all opinion.
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Post by davisdane » 02 Nov 2006, 02:11

I totally agree with your top two songs, I listened through the whole thing one time through and then after that I couldn't stop listening to I'm OK and Midnight Love.

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