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We <3 Eurobeat! Eurobeat Inochi

Post by Bore » 11 Oct 2006, 10:23

<b>Webmaster's logbook, day 1092</b>

So time goes by, new eurobeat is produced. We fans feel content and sometimes not so content. Either way, the amount of happiness me and the other eurobeat fans have experienced while listening to this superior music genre can't be measured with simple words. I am currently in a high mood thanks to listening to eurobeat for multiple hours and feel like doing some more tributes to eurobeat artists.

Quoting one magnificent artist a bit, and what she sang in the past:

Dancing to the euroobeaaaaaaat~
Eurobeat in my heart
Eurobeat in my soul

Dancing to this song
Feeling the happiness
Dancing all night long
Dancing to the euroobeaaaaaaat~
<p align="Center">
<img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan1.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan2.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan3.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan4.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan5.jpg">
<img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan6.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan7.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan8.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan9.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan10.jpg">
<img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan11.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan12.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan13.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan14.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan15.jpg">
<img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan16.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan17.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan18.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan19.jpg"> <img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/buttons/ebfan20.jpg">

(Artists in order of appereance: <b>Matt Land, Melissa White, Dave Rodgers, Nuage, Ace, Domino, Niko, Cherry, Van T.K., Pamsy, Fastway, Christine, Digital Planet, Baby Bazooka, Nick Mansell, Lolita, Mega NRG Man, Susy Wender, Dave Simon & Dr's Girl</b>)

Of course we are looking forward eagarly to the new albums coming out in the nearby future!

• <b>Super Eurobeat Presents SEF Gold</b> - <i>AVCD-23041</i> - 18.10.2006

<img src="http://eurobeat-prime.com/covers/lovepara3.jpg" align="right">• <b>Love Para3</b> - <i>Farm-0073</i> - 25.10.2006

• <b>Super Eurobeat 172</b> - <i>AVCD-10172</i> - 25.10.2006

• <b>Gal Uta "Full"</b> - <i>UICZ-4162</i> - 25.10.2006

• <b>Super Euro Christmas 2006</b> - <i>AVCD-23060</i> - 01.11.2006

• <b>The Best Of Super Eurobeat 2006</b> - <i>AVCD-23055/6</i> - 22.11.2006

• <b>Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Absolute Album Feat. Keisuke Takahashi</b> - <i>AVCD-26024</i> - 29.11.2006

(Credits to <a href="http://www.nrgexpress.com">NRGExpress</a>)

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Post by Nine » 14 Oct 2006, 21:50

dancing to the eurobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ woah oh oh!

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Post by drnrg » 07 Jan 2007, 07:34

Why only one TIME artist foto?, If you need a link to more Eurobeat fotos try Bahamutforever forums under Eurobeat aliases thread. You will find them all there. 8) I submitted Gino Caria(could you have guessed?) :)

http://www.bahamutforever.net/forums/in ... owtopic=62

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