Welcome to the New Eurobeat Year of 2007!

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Welcome to the New Eurobeat Year of 2007!

Post by Bore » 31 Dec 2006, 21:37

Eurobeat Prime wishes all of the visitors and fans of eurobeat a happy new years! Another year has passed and Eurobeat still keeps going high. Enjoy your drinks and shoot those rockets to the sky tonight, but be prepared for many surprises and news on the eurobeat front on this new year.

As a side note, and small present for the start of the year. The whole flood of Submitted lyrics I had awaiting has been unpacked (yes I know, I've been very slow and slack at doing these updates). The submitted lyrics have been updated and currently next in line will be updating the whole Misheard lyrics section, which will hopefully get a make over and a new submitting system to make things easier.

Also with the recent additions the Lyrics database has passed <b>3000 lyrics</b>, which I feel is a rather nice accomplishment. Go go eurobeat and now let's aim for the next thousand. Slowly but steadily we might get there with the missing Eurobeat Flashes and Maharaja Nights!


Okay it's 2007 already, and thanks to the courtesy of Ilona the misheard lyrics page got a bit of a makeover. The new submitting formula should be better + hopefully the sorting can be fixed up in a bit. Currently all of the entries found there are in the order they were submitted in. Hopefully the sorting can be sorted soon so that it'll be alphabetical order and the newest entries will be bolded for easier access to the new entries.

+ Lots of new ones added. Mailbox emptied of all of the stuff I had laying there.

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Post by Toni » 09 Jan 2007, 21:25

Happy new year to you too.

Thanks for opening the new sub-forum on 'Making Eurobeat'! I really appreciate it. The 'Eurobeat Talk' was getting a bit too crowded though. :)
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