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A small new category

Post by Bore » 01 Jan 2007, 20:51

Okay the upcoming additions to the site's array start off with a small category filled with Forum avatars meant to be used at forums (well d'uh?). Due to the fact that Avatar uploading is disabled at the forum, I figured it might be an okay idea to offer some to use for starters. The category opens up with 90 different avatars to choose from, in 2 different sizes. If I find people liking them + requesting more, I'll keep adding more to the category.

For now this was a spree of editing I suddenly felt very inspired to do. And maybe more incoming in the nearby future: <a href="http://eurobeat-prime.com/avatars.php">Forum Avatars</a>. And naturally if people want to submit donations and additions to the avatar-listing, you are more than welcome to do so. Can just send them through email or reply to this thread.

So far the plan was to have at least ~40 avatars of sizes 150x150, 100x100 and 75x75. Started with the biggest myself, and will work up from there on with the other resolutions. More incoming in the next few days.

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