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GO GO'S MUSIC information!

Post by Nine » 26 Mar 2007, 03:37

Hello everyone! For those who don't know who I am - I'm Phil, also known as "Nine" on these parts of the internet. Webmaster of DOMINOnline.net, and avid Domino fan!

Panu has asked me to make an update talking about the new label, GO GO'S MUSIC, for those of you who don't frequent the <a href="http://forum.eurobeat-prime.com/">Eurobeat Prime forums</A>. (If you haven't checked them out, please do so! Register an account and join in on the discussions that go on. You won't be sorry.)

The original posting made about GO GO'S MUSIC can be found on there forums via <a href="http://forum.eurobeat-prime.com/viewtop ... 1465">this link.</a>

So... GO GO'S MUSIC is a collaboration effort between Alessandra Gatti (Domino) and producer Sandro Oliva. The new production team was created as both Alessandra and Sandro wanted a different way of creating, writing and producing Eurobeat music.

The new label is not a stand alone label such like Delta or SCP, but more of a sub-label that will have it's music released onto Super Eurobeat albums through "CONTINI SRL and Rodgers Sas" - under the label name ABeatC. You will be able to see which songs are by GO GO'S MUSIC or ABeatC by reading the information in the booklet of the album. GO GO'S MUSIC tracks will have a small caption under the producer credits of a song saying "Produced by Domino & S. Oliva for GOGO's MUSIC."

GO GO'S MUSIC will be producing new and exciting tracks for popular ABeatC artists, including: <b>Lolita, Manuel, Mega NRG Man, Matt Land, </B>and<B> Go Go Girls</b>. The label will also feature new artists to the Eurobeat genre, including: <B>Alice, Betty Beat,</B> and <B>Ester.</B> ...and of course, we will see new <B>Domino</b> tracks too!

The first GO GO'S MUSIC tracks were released last month on Super Eurobeat 175, which included:

04. Lolita - Stop The Time Tonight
05. Mega NRG Man feat. Kiko Loureiro - Rock Me
07. Domino - Go Go Where You Wanna Go Go

This is exciting news for fans of ABeatC, Sandro Oliva, Domino, and the artists from ABeatC participating in this new production. We will be seeing some awesome music coming from this new project, no doubt.

Also, I just wanted to mention that on Super Eurobeat 176, coming out this upcoming Wednesday in Japan (which will be this Tuesday for some of us) Domino's last song recorded with ABeatC - Cooking Boy, will be released. All future songs of hers will be under the new GO GO'S MUSIC name.

Keep supporting Eurobeat! ...and for those who don't frequent the forums, please come and join in on the fun that goes on there.

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