Eurobeat Prime Presents Top Choice Megamix

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Eurobeat Prime Presents Top Choice Megamix

Post by Nine » 29 Mar 2007, 22:35

Hello Eurobeat People!

We're running a project on the <a href="">Eurobeat-Prime forums</a> and we want you to participate!

We will be making a large megamix with everyone's top 3 favorite Eurobeat/Italo Disco songs. Go to the <a href=" ... 1514">Your Top 3 Eurobeat Songs Ever!</a> thread and post your "top three" favorite Eurobeat songs of all time! That's all you need to do!

For more information on the core of the project, please read the following topic: <a href=" ... ">Eurobeat Prime Presents Top Choice Megamix.</A>

Let's see how this turns out! :)

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