Door #23

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Door #23

Post by Bore » 23 Dec 2010, 13:52

So Christmas is just around the corner, the calendar is nearing its finale and I am almost ready to give myself some rest after working hard to get all of these updates ready and running.

The second to last door of the calendar has the newest offspring of the Super Eurobeat Family. The grand finale of the 200 decade (of course not counting 210). So read further to see how that last episode of the decade unfolded. <a href="">Super Eurobeat 209 review.</a>

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Post by Megan188 » 23 Dec 2010, 20:26

Ah, so there are people who quite prefer WTSGD over New Horizon - maybe Avex wasn't so off in chosing it for Best of 2010 after all.

I guess this all just proves that opinions vary quite a lot over different Super Eurobeat albums. A forgettable track to one person is a masterpiece to another, and vice versa. My opinion certainly isn't anymore valuable than yours, especially since you're the forum administrator and clearly know what you like in a eurobeat track, but I do think I can safely say that the only real way to accurately represent a single album is for there to be several reviews readily available to see for it, garnering various opinions that forms a general consensus. I know that there are plenty of personal reviews in the forums, but I guess the fact that yours are on the forefront of the main site causes them to stand out a lot more.

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Post by WNight » 24 Dec 2010, 01:43

For a moment there, I thought I was the only one who loved OHOS. I still fail to see how WTSGD triumphs over NH but I really agree that NH needs more 'edge' to it.

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Post by drnrg » 24 Dec 2010, 04:54

I bee one of those who thought When The Sun Goes Down triumph's over and New Horizon - Everyone has there reasons, but for me that almost perfect recapturing of the old Phil & Stan style of TIME records was the reason I warmed up to WTSGD almost immediately.

I love New Horizon, but many TIMEs as I'm singing along, I can actually feel myself belting out the lyrics louder than Travis, So I really gotta turn up the volume as to not drown out his vocals as I sing along. That is just something that really sticks out whenever I hear the track and is probobly why I enjoy his vocals at a more mellow setting, like WTSGD or Faithful Heart.

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