TOP 20 from SEB 50-99

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Post by Cosmic_Bard » 07 Jul 2007, 16:16

Okay, I swear, this is the last time I update the list. Really. >_>

"Rock You Baby - Black Power - SEB85" needs to be inserted at #3. I'm almost shocked I forgot about it. :P
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Re: TOP 20 from SEB 50-99

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 08 Jun 2021, 19:46

para_rigby wrote: 18 Jun 2007, 21:13 This is really one of my favorite eras of Eurobeat!
Oh yes, I love these era, too.
Many great and ass-kicking songs there and thanks to a certain song I even became a Eurobeat-fan! :wink:
I think, the Eurobeat-genre had it's best time right here in this decade.

But unfortunately my favorites are not enough to make a whole TOP 20. Yeah, as always, you know it.Image

But enough talk, these are my favorites from this era:

  • 1. Joe Foster - Hot Legs
    2. Mr. Groove - Show Me The Way
    3. D-Essex - Burning Love
    4. Mr. Groove - Blowing In The Wind
    5. Chester - Bad Boy
    6. Tommy K. - Funky Warriors
    7. Frankie Beat - No More Chances
    8. Atrium - Tokyo Guys
    9. Disco Vega - Hi Energy
    10. Mega NRG Man - Get Me Power
    11. Max Coveri - Golden Age
    12. Claire Deny - Stop 'N Go
    13. Niko - Night Of Fire
    14. Go Go Girls - D.I.S.C.O.
    15. Max Coveri - Running In The 90s
    16. Niko - 1 For The Money 2 For The Show

You can say, what you want, but here Eurobeat was real Eurobeat. 8)

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