Which are your favourite Annerley Gordon songs?

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Post by MarkIventi » 01 Apr 2007, 11:32

No, Off Limits only releases through iTunes these days :(

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Post by lightsol » 02 Apr 2007, 01:51

It's been so long since a release, I'm just happy to get an iTunes Ann Lee release :-) :-)
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Post by WarioJo » 29 Jun 2009, 18:08

Wow, you may think i'm crazy but i can't believe that i just found a place where people LOVE Annerley for what she REALLY is :!: ! I posted some comments on youtube for the new awesome Whigfield song Right In The Night, saying thanks to Annerley for keeping on recording as Whigfield and i've been BLOCKED by the video uploader (offlimitsitaly) :o , a user sent me an agressive answer, saying that Whigfield is Sanny and that he saw them live together :-x , and all the stupid stuff, and i got 3 THUMBS DOWN! :cry: So i'm very happy today to see that i'm not the only one who know the truth and who appreciate Annerley's various talents. Enough talking, my favorite songs from the latest Ann Lee are : ......all songs except the ballads.... i don't say that they're bad, it's just that i'm not very fond of ballads. So hi to all fans of Annerley, from Canada! :D

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Post by DJ Mike TJG » 30 Jun 2009, 08:37

The whole Annerley/Sannie/Whigfield thing makes me laugh. I mean, I could accept that there are two girls out there who sound exactly the same, but what are the chances that they would accidentally hire a poster girl to perform music who really does sound the same? It's entirely possibly they DELIBERATELY chose a girl who sounded as much like Annerley as possible to refute these "rumours" that they hate so much.

Also, everyone keeps harping on about how she does her own live vocals. I'm no expert, but it's been what... almost 15 years since Saturday Night now? Annerley's voice has changed a lot in that time, I can only imagine Sannie's voice would too, so yes she may be singing her own vocals but do they really sound like the original record anymore (if they were even hers to begin with)?

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"Live performances"

Post by WarioJo » 30 Jun 2009, 13:46

Sorry but all the videos i could find that are supposed to be live performances are obviously lipsync. And i have ears good enough to be sure 100% that when i listen to Whigfield songs, they are Annerley's voice. The 90's voice of Annerley is exactly the same as the 90's voice of Whigfield. And listening now to her more recent works, yes her voice did change a bit, but so do the voice of Whigfield in songs like Rainbow and Right In The Night. I absolutely can't believe that Sannie did any vocals of Whigfield. And i believe that Naan is the true voice of Sannie, and that it's far from sounding like Whigfield's....

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Re: Which are your favourite Annerley Gordon songs?

Post by Phil Jay Falcon » 28 Jul 2019, 12:04

Unfortunately I don't have many favourite songs from Annerley Gordon. But this songs here are my favourites:

As Lolita:

Wake up

From the Go Go Girls:

Do you wanna dance
Crazy for you
My hot guitar

As Niki Niki:

Can you sing my song

One thing I find strange. Was she really part of the Go Go Girls? I could swear there were 2 other girls named Elena Ferretti & Alessandra Gatti? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Oh, and btw, does Annerley Gordon have more aliases? A list would be fine. :wink:

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Re: Which are your favourite Annerley Gordon songs?

Post by para_rigby » 02 Aug 2019, 04:42

Annerley didn’t sing in any of the Go Go songs you listed.

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Re: Which are your favourite Annerley Gordon songs?

Post by Gtmkm98 » 01 Jan 2020, 23:27

O.K.! All Right as Annalise all the way.
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