How would you promote eurobeat?

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How would you promote eurobeat?

Post by Bore » 15 May 2007, 11:18

Okay a hypothetical situation. You are to introduce a group of people to Eurobeat and you are given free hands on what sort of a compilation you would make to represent the genre. Which 18 songs would you choose on this album so that it would reflect all of the different kind of aspects of Eurobeat fairly and also show out all of the biggest eurobeat starts.

The tracklisting doesn't mean it's a favorite list of 18 songs you fancy, but the songs that you feel represent the genre very well and would also be good examples to play to people that have never heard of Eurobeat. Make your Ultimate EUROBEAT INTRODUCTION ALBUM. Also try to think about the order of the songs on the album, you can make it chronological or just so that the tracks would blend in well. Below are the 18 songs I feel a new person should be familiar with when getting to know eurobeat. The few big titles are bound to appear on quite a few lists, but I assume there are people who consider certain tracks very important for the evolution of eurobeat. Also if you have the time you can write brief descriptions on why the specific songs appear on the album.

1.Dr. Love - Eurobeat (The title speaks for itself and it represents the golden age of eurobeat very well)
2.Lolita - Dreamin' Of You (Song that got covered to the overly popular One Piece anime, might be recognized by a few people, plus it's the embodiment of happy A-Beat C)
3.Franz Tornado - Mad Cow (Maybe _the_ best HRG production ever. Insanely catchy and crazy, just the way to show how the label is)
4.Alphatown - Super Eurobeat (A great Saifam production that will also deal with the genre obviously)
5.Go 2 - Super Striker (The super hit that pretty much sums up Go 2, also could work very well at other countries as a football theme song)
6.Christine - Me, Myself & I (The one song to show that eurobeat can also be slow, but still sound like eurobeat and also beautiful)
7.Victoria - For You (A very perfect Time presentation on the more serious but still mellow and catchy material from the old times)
8.Lisa Johnson - Fooling With Your Heart (A faster, more upbeat production by Time to show how the materials evolve)
9.Dave Rodgers - Space Boy (Not a favorite of mine, but obviously a spokesman for eurobeat)
10.Suzy Lazy - Love Generation (Perfect happy song that sums up eurobeat nicely)
11.Electric Rock Band - Rock Me Tonight (Vibration doing what they do best, rock on hard and the track is also very memorable)
12.Nuage - Sunday (Thought long about putting some other Nuage song instead of Sunday, but this song is still pretty much perfectly produced that it really deserves the spot)
13.King & Queen - Turbo Lover (K&Q are an icon, had a hard time picking the song, but this will also represent old school eurobeat with a very catchy chorus)
14.Go Go Girls - My Sweet Banana (GGG need to be here to really show what eurobeat is all about, crazy and catchy)
15.Derreck Simons - Station To Station (The other mandatory ID title, which people might also think could be a cover)
16.Vanessa - Bye Bye Japan (A song to direct the audience to where eurobeat itself is directed, plus a great song)
17.Domino - Mickey Mouse March (WHO'S THE LEADER OF THE CLUB?! Enough said)
18.Niko - Night Of Fire (Speaks for itself)
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Post by Mikaeru » 15 May 2007, 18:05

Hmm... Good topic...

1. Go2 - Super Striker - Same reasons, I mean, it got number 1 on a dance station in Japan, and I think to open it up, you really need something anthemy and big.
2. Pamsy - My Universe - It's slower, and it's trancey. My idea, as you'll see going down, is to go from more US known genres to a more traditional eurobeat sound.
3. Susy Wender - I Can Feel You - Same reason as My Universe, just less trancey, more eurobeaty.
4. Queen26 - More Than A Feeling - Kylie-familiarity + Euro-beats.
5. Nuage - Don't Wanna Lose You Baby - Aside from Super Striker, the song that's most eurobeat on the list so far, gradually getting here piece by piece.
6. Dark Angels - Right Now - Still same idea, but now with the more rock side of eurobeat.
7. J Storm - We Are the Children of Rock - Very rock-y, lots of guitars, but still very eurobeaty.
8. Lolita - Think of You - Probably her rockiest song while still in the Lolita-style, and a great song to boot.

So the first half is sort of nudging people into what eurobeat is, the second half is for what I think of as the best examples of certain "styles" of eurobeat, but still trying to use newer examples rather than the classics.

9. Electric Rock Band - Rock Me Tonight - Yeah, just coming off some rock songs, but this is a great example of Vibration's style AND rock style.
10. Na Na Na (All the Best 4 Love) - Sheila - Calmer female vocal style (probably would have used a Norma song, but I wanted at least ONE recent Time song)
11. The Factory Team - Gun Boy - I actually wanted Alamo, but it wasn't on SEB, so, ehhhh, I went with Gun Boy. Still pretty representitive of SAIFAM style.
12. Scream Team - Horror Fantasy - One of the best gimmick eurobeat songs, in my opinion.
13. Cherry - Rain - We need a cover.
14. Franz Tornado & The Akihabara Girls - Maid Attack - Probably should have chosen Bandolero Commanchero, but like I said, I wanted newer songs, and this still really represents HRG's crazy maleness.
15. Lolita - Far And Away With Love - My favourite Lolita song, and one that really brings out her style.
16. Kiki & Fancy - Roly Poly Rock - It's hyper girly and insanely catchy.
17. Karen - Hurricane - I only want one "old" eurobeat song on here cause I think the somewhat older sound might be a turnoff for newer listeners, but I still want to give a taste that this stuff is out there, and this is a really good song to show that.
18. Niko - Night of Fire - As overplayed as this song is, it's like that for a reason.

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Post by drnrg » 16 May 2007, 00:43

Very Good topic. O.K I give it some serious thought. You won't see my favs.(maybe A few) In fact I might include some of my least favorites, but at the same TIME think very important to showcase Eurobeat.

1. Lou Grant- Boom Boom Para Para- Great song and an embodiment to showcasing the birth of Para para craze. Also G. Caria vocals add the punch to the music.

2. Suzy Lazy- Tell Me Baby- A great song to showcase DELTA and at the same TIME Eurobeat's faster fun side.

3. Phil & Linda- Only For Love, Only For U- Refect example of how Eurobeat can progress into the pop/Disco genre used by many like Maroon 5. If given proper airplay it could even break the pop charts.

4. Nuage & Sonia- I'm Never Gonna let You Down And Forget You- This is Nuages best track. Not only that, but it definately gives the people that much craved nostalgia feeling. Again shows that Eurobeat is not just crazed out of control synth music.

5. Christine- Crazy Generation - Very memorable SCP prod. Showcasing thier best moment in Eurobeat.

6. Factory Team- Little Don- I thought about "Gun Boy" too, but this track also highlights Saifam's Anthem theme and we should never leave out our Russian friends.

7. Mike Hammer- Heart Breaker- One of my favs, but also an important turning point in Eurobeat. It proved huge in Japan and the Americans would eat it up. It's fast, Agreesive and everyone Loves DOA.

8. Niko- It's My Life- This song was also huge. Bon Jovi is respected worldwide and a cover of this song demonstrates how a lot of Eurobeat is influenced by Rock n Roll .

9. Dave Rodgers- Saturday Night Fever- The Title alone will identitfy it with the Bee Gee's hit, therefore people will think it a cover. They will actually be introduced to AbeatC's trademark sound for speedy powerful Eurobeat and be pleasantly surprised.

10. Maxx Ducati- Valentino Samurai- I wanted to introduce Gianni Corraini vocals, but not a song from 90's. I think this one shows David DiMarcantonio's writing ability, while keeping in synch with the whole racing theme, we want the people to embrace.

11. Rose- This Is My Song for You- Shows TIME's Softer Eurobeat sound, yet not too mushy either. All the Eurobeat soundworlds are showcased and Elena's voice is highlighted when the synths drop, thus people really appreciating her opera style vocals.

12. Go Go Girls- Nothing Can Stop The Music- Go Go Girls are definately important , but Thier crazy synth styles and even crazier vocals have allways been a problem with new poeple. On the otherhand this song will introduce people to Go Go Girl's music, but In a more mellow image. The song itself is great and will open door for thier crazier "Funny Love" style, which I will include on Volume 2.

13. Mad Cow-Moskow Discow- Noone can leave out Franz. He is Definately important to Eurobeat acceptance. I put his song track 13, because I feel that ,after a "Little Don" taste ealier , the people will gradually accept the "Russian" themed songs a little better. If they like this then there should be no problem with songs like "Get The Darkside Into My Brain"

14. GoTo- Not For Sale- With Go Go Girls already showcased, I feel it's useless for Kiki & Fancy, So GOTO seemed like a perfect way to showcase both Ace & Fastway. It also fuses both singers' styles and again SCP at thier best.

15. King Kong & The D. Jungle Girls- Boom Boom Boom(Extended)-Mainly to show the people how the majority of Eurobeat has evolved from this standard melody. Plus it's a clssic no One should be without.

16. Overload- TERMINATOR(Extended) ah yess! The perfect ending to a perfect introduction cd. The title alone allready remends of the Movie, therefore expecting something Super powerful. Terminator also comes from Spanish word Terminar(means the end) The song has Synths, Guitars, Catchy Sing A Long chorus. It breaeks away from standard Eurobeat formula and showcases Gambogi at his finest.

I think I'll create this cd right now. :D

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Post by Nine » 16 May 2007, 02:14

This sounds fun! I love list random song threads hehehe

Lolita - Try Me (This song, along with a few others from ParaParaParadise are songs I have used to introduce people to Eurobeat in the past. People seem to like this song a lot, for some reason. XD)

Niko - Night Of Fire (Of course, it would be night of fire. Everyone seems to go like "ZOMG THIS IS DA BAST SONG EVARS~~`" when they're new to Eurobeat. XD)

Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000 (This song is so high energy, and pretty catchy... a lot of people (including con-goers) really enjoy this song. I submitted this song to a convention dance and they played it all the time. XD)

Domino - Gotcha! (This is the #1 Domino songs I like to use to introduce people to Eurobeat who have an unhealthy obsession to the Japanese culture. haha)

Domino - Mickey Mouse March (everyone loves Disney, but this is the #1 Disney eurobeat song that people go nuts over.)

Ken Martin - Sexy Sexy Sexy (Sexy Sexy Sexy... people go like "OMG AHAHHAA" when they hear this song - I don't know why... XD)

Delta Queens - Energy Love.mp3 (Another catchy, energyful song that gets people's toes tapping. :))

Go Go Girls - Hot Vampire (To add some GOGOGIRLS to the mix, I always throw in Hot Vampire... nothing like the fake Go Go Girls like *coughnothingcanstopthemusiccough* ;))

Nuage - Don't Wanna Lose You Baby (I would add in this song to show how boring eurobeat can be. XD jk... some reason a lot of people enjoy this song too.)

King & Queen - Para Para (I'm running out of things to say)

Dave Rodgers - Space Boy (We needs some SpaceBoys. :D)

Manuel - No Control (a lot of people new to eurobeat seem to dig this song)

Lisa Johnson - Love Is Danger (the weird lyrics are a favorite)

and the last song i can think of:

Max Coveri - Running In The 90's (people who know the "lol, internet" joke go like "OMG ITS THE LOL INTERNET SONG!!!!! haha)

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Post by KitsuneStar » 16 May 2007, 04:40

Let's see how well a guy whose tastes deviate from the Eurobeat norm can do it... I'm doing this through stream of consciousness, so there's not really much of a solid order to this. Also note that I'm directing this as if I was introducing it to people I've known personally, and these aren't people that would accept songs like "I Wanna Dance" or "Easy Busy" no matter HOW many drugs you put them on.

1. Go2 - Not For Sale : Start things off with a bang, and get people acclimated to the powerful SCP Production style

2. Spock - Enter the Sand Man : This one's a double-edged sword. Some people will laugh at it and find it entertaining, others will find it blasphemy, but it's the only song I can think of other than "Livin' on a Prayer" that most people I know would recognize in any way.

3. Niko - Night of Fire : Overplayed or not, it's more or less _THE_ all-time Classic, and has been in a metric assload of video games as well.

4. Christine - Me, Myself, & I : Another example of SCP's excellent production style, and one of the most 'normal' sounding songs in all of semi-recent SEB. This one won't send the skeptics running away with their hands over their ears.

5. King & Queen - Fun Fun Pharaoh : A somewhat gimmicky song, but not too goofball while still starting to branch out a little.

6. Derreck Simons - Station to Station : Agreed with Bore here. It's a mandatory ID song.

7. Pizza Girl - Crazy For You : Another female song that doesn't go too far off the beaten path.

8. Manuel - I've Got to Go : A song that's slower than it sounds, and starts to ramp things back up a bit, going synth-heavy for a bit.

9. Dave Rodgers - Space Boy : You can't have an introductory album without a track by the man, the myth, the legend, Dave himself. While he's not the most exciting guy around these days, it's not Eurobeat without him, and this seems like the best choice.

10. Queen 26 - Inside Your Heart : I know I'm being really conservative with these, but as I'm sorta thinking of this directed at the people I know personally, you can't get too weird or they're just going to freak out.

11. Dark Angels - Right Now : There's going to need to be a hard song in order to get some of the hard-headed people I'm acquainted with to take notice, and this one's as dark as they come, in my opinion.

12. Jean Love - Movin' Up, Movin' Now : Alright, here I break the mold. Something has to give, and I've got to bring in a more upbeat song. This one's a good an option as any.

13. Eurofunk - Stop to Give Up : Giving them a taste of the funkier/disco style with these last 2 songs.

14. Ann Sinclair - Don't Drop Me : This is the song that introduced ME to Eurobeat, so I'm pretty much honor-bound to pass it on as a song to introduce others.

15. Pamsy - Once Upon a Time : SCP's dominant female needs to be here somehow, to show the newer style to people.

16. Lisa Lion - Big on Emotion : Speaking of SCP females, here's the 3rd one now, showing that women can sing in the powerful style just as well as the men can.

17. Marko Polo - Stop Your Self Control : While Night of Fire is the essential Maurizio song, I think this is him at his best.

18. Annerley Gordon - Say Yeah : Introducing them to the greatness that is Annerley Gordon.

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Post by Wataru Akiyama » 16 May 2007, 07:44


Powerful T - Blood And Fire - Heavy metal intro. This'll pull the rockers in.

GO 2 - Super Striker - This is an all-star track which people seem to adore even if they've never heard Eurobeat before.

Ace Warrior - 24 Hours A Day With You - More thrashing guitars and heavy-metal feel.

Nuage - Shine - This could easily be the OP for a romance anime-so this one's for the Wapanese.

Derreck Simons - Station to Station - Initial D fans. Also, it's a damn good song.

Dark Angels - Right Now - This is gonna kick their asses if they think Eurobeat is all happy after all the Ace Warrior and Powerful T.

Niko - Night Of Fire - This is the hook to pull people in-they've probably heard it SOMEWHERE.

Dave Rodgers - Space Boy - It would be sacrilege not to have THE MAN on this tracklist. Also, guitars, which connect well.

Ken Martin - Virtual Love - Introduce people to the concept of Eurobeat being cool.

Bazooka Girl - Velfarre 2000 - The quintessential Eurobeat Club Anthem.

D. Essex - Boom Boom Fire - Wilder style of upbeat Eurobeat.

Fastway - Revolution - More HARD-HITTING Eurobeat in the vein of Ace Warrior and the others.

Ace - Futureland - Melodious, slow, emotional Eurobeat.

OVERLOAD - TERMINATOR - Not only because I like it, but the series started with guitars AND IT WILL END WITH GUITARS. Also, "Terminator" is just freakin' awesome, bar non

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Post by Bore » 16 May 2007, 08:00

Quite a few of the tracks I was expecting to see have been already named, but quite a few ones I didn't expect either. Nice to see though how variable and influencial certain artists can be.

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Post by zoupzuop2 » 16 May 2007, 17:36

Hm. I'll try a shot.

The one 'n only. It's THE quintessential Eurobeat song, the one that taps the mainstream the most. And, putting it first gets it out of the way.

2) King Kong & D. Jungle Girls: BOOM BOOM DOLLAR
Another classic. DDR fans will most likely recognize this one, and even if not, it's important to pay homage to the father of Eurobeat songs.

3) Max Coveri: RUNNING IN THE 90'S
Another immediate classic. If not for its popularity as a Meme, then for its importance as what constitutes a Eurobeat Classic.

4) John Desire: HOT LIMIT
AKA "We Drink Ritalin" on the internet. Another "recognition" song to hook new fans into linking their experiences. And it's catchy.

5) Dave Rodgers: SPACE BOY
If fans don't know Nights of Fire back and forth, they know Space Boy from AMVs. And, it's traditional Dave fare, not many songs of his stray from this form.

Can't have a beginner album without Niko, Franz and Dave. This one would best exemplify the usual HRG style; manic, energetic, happy-to-no-end and... energetic. It'd set to concrete their either love or hate for the label.

For the rockers. This one has a nice balance of rock-like guitars and Eurobeat, and will hook some of the more 'hardcore' music listeners.

8) Ayumi Hamasaki: APPEARS (Agressive Mix)
A quick slap-in of J-Euro, to show that the tastes are not one-way. Japanophiles should attach to this rather quickly.

9) Rick Castle: MIDNIGHT LADY
This one shows that it's not all about sheer, happy energy. Rick is very smooth and easy to listen to in this song, and it's sort'a romantic given its circumstances.

10) Franz Tornado: GANGURO
Relating again with the Japanese trends. Also exemplary of HRG's traditional style and love for Japan.

11) m.o.v.e: GAMBLE RUMBLE
Rap and Eurobeat in Japanese? More love for J-philes. Also important for their place in the Initial D series.

12) O-Zone: DRAGOSTEA DIN TAE (Eurobeat Mix)
Yes, some pop songs do get remixed into Eurobeat. This would display how far the interest in Eurobeat goes for even songs not quite written in Italy. Even the Crazy Frog's had a Eurobeat mix!

13) Newton: SKY HIGH
Again with covers. This time it's 80's pop that takes its turn. More recognition titles.

Catchy. Cover. Energy. Catchy. ENERGY. Those components alone (yes, the repeateds are there for a reason) make this song a MUST.

...can't think of many more... :(

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Post by DJ Mike TJG » 17 May 2007, 23:25

Hmm, an interesting area with plenty of scope for possibilities! My 18 "ambassadors of Eurobeat" would be:

01 Wain L - Make Up Your Mind
Extremely catchy and memorable chorus, with a strong female vocal performance - a good "blender" piece for dance music, too, given the less aggressive tempo/synths but strong percussion.

02 Dark Angels - Right Now
One of the few EB crossovers that carries a lot of industrial resonance, whilst retaining those familiar EB synths! I have friends at a goth-heavy nightclub where this would likely go down a storm

03 Lolita - My Heart Burns Like A Fire
A strong build-up in the intro, and after that the first stabs of that chorus bring to mind a spectacular light show in a night club - truly an electrified piece with some exceptional vocals from Elena that'll get people up on the floor!

04 Melissa White - Fine
Something about SCP's choice of synths blends much better with club anthem music than other EB labels - sometimes perhaps too well (losing EB's identity), but this song carries the power and melodic symphony that makes EB so distinct and creates a very danceable song that wouldn't be out of place next to the likes of Synaesthesia.

05 Leslie Parrish - Remember Me
I can remember hearing the full version of this for the first time, somehow thinking I'd stumbled upon some kind of ballad! How the music proves its deception only moments later :) Powerful and moving vocals by Clara (through a rather poignant set of minor chords) and showcasing a classic era of EB (this has even been one of my songs for introducing people to EB in the past!)

06 Melody - Fly
Thumping intro with a great instrumental "stab" riff, and some ABBA-esque sounding vocals (with a hint of seductiveness) with rich harmonies.

07 Virginelle - Brother & Sister
You think Virginelle can't get any more powerful and then this comes along - intense instrumental riff, powerful guitar/bass undertone, and those vocals - whoa! If any song shows off how powerful EB can get, this is surely one of them!

08 Dr. Love - Eurobeat
Sums up what EB is all about, perfectly! Catchy chorus, fantastic instrumental, and rhythmic bass. Move your feet!

09 Ace feat. La Gatta - One Touch
Retro disco fever returns to EB with a vengeance - a rich overlay of synths, bass and vocals make this exceptionally catchy and likely to get plenty of people moving. One of Ace's stronger vocal performances to boot!

10 Nuage - I'm Gonna Carry On
Solid dance floor material - quite akin to a Kylie Minogue track - great, enveloping chorus (I was quite literally blown away when that first kicked in after the intro), and some emotional singing by Nuage.

11 Mark Foster - Like A Fire
Seldom does Eurobeat ever go this manic with such vigor - not surprising that Saifam are responsible! Plenty of bass to keep the clubbers happy - memorable chorus and instrumental to boot!

12 Ken Martin - Virtual Love
Another booming Saifam track whose biggest raison d'etre is that fantastic bass synth that lines its instrumental

13 Nathalie - Heartbeat
Another seminal EB anthem with a great synth hook and yet more powerful vocals from Nathalie!

14 Stephy Martini - Emotions
Not so much a heavy dance track, but a fantastic example of how EB can go more sugar pop and retain a sense of power and, well, emotion!

15 Lisa Johnson - Doctor Doctor 2007
Specifically I chose the remake of this song as one of the finest examples of how Time can take an old track and reinvent it into a powerful modern piece. Not all of their remakes have been this well thought out, but this one is extremely catchy and would surely get the floor moving!

16 Pamsy - Hello
Another club-friendly track from SCP, this time with some rather unexpectedly emotional notes in the chorus, and an instrumental that really overlays those synths quite rich.

17 Bazooka Girl - Cantare Ballare (Happy Eurobeat)
Where would an EB showcase be without the mania of Hi-NRG Attack? This I prefer as an EB demo piece above many other Hi-NRG songs for its interesting set of lyrics (what is better to sing about than the names of so many seminal EB classics? :) )

18 Mad Cow and the Royal Eurobeat Orchestra of Bazookistan feat. the Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
The insanity of that title says it all. This selection basically goes from one extreme to the other, so might as well have the most insane of all to wrap it up! This would go down a storm like one of those crazy gimmick songs - perhaps not memorable for all the right reasons, but it's damn catchy and has a zest of being incredibly unusual!
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Post by jeurobeat » 18 May 2007, 04:58

DJ Mike TJG wrote:13 Nathalie - Heartbeat
Another seminal EB anthem with a great synth hook and yet more powerful vocals from Clara!
Clara? Nathalie did the lead vocals here... 8)

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Post by Nine » 18 May 2007, 05:39

DJ Mike TJG wrote:18 Mad Cow and the Royal Eurobeat Orchestra of Bazookistan feat. the Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
(Not related) but if you want to piss off a group of non-eurobeat fans and in the process be banned from participating in their games of charades, don't put this song/artist in the hat. hahahahah

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Post by Mikaeru » 18 May 2007, 06:34

Nine wrote:
DJ Mike TJG wrote:18 Mad Cow and the Royal Eurobeat Orchestra of Bazookistan feat. the Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
(Not related) but if you want to piss off a group of non-eurobeat fans and in the process be banned from participating in their games of charades, don't put this song/artist in the hat. hahahahah

Oh my... That's be interesting to do...

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Post by DJ Mike TJG » 18 May 2007, 07:09

jeurobeat wrote:Clara? Nathalie did the lead vocals here... 8)
Cheerfully withdrawn! It was late when I wrote that :P

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Post by DanWaigand » 18 May 2007, 13:30

interesting noticing the similarities between everyone. My working method is to find out thier current interests. At that point i do one of 2 things: Blare Eurobeat Disney and get them addicted to it... or proceed with a similar tracklist to below..

1. Dark Angels - Right Now [Usually, They like Linkin Park and Evanessence]
2. Spock - Enter The Sandman
3. Dave Rodgers - Not Gonna Get Us

at this point, I either lose them completely for some odd reason [vocals dont make sense [?], voices have too much accent [?] or they just refuse to like anything remotely dancey because "Its gay".]

...But if they do like it.. I ease them into eurobeat by playing a random variety of SCP or ABeatC songs [with other few random examples]

and if eventually I get bored, I throw in the ONLY good HiNRG Attack song.. SearchingForTheHeroInTheNight. On a random occasion, I play trancy SCP stuff insted of Rock-ish music. Depends on thier tastes though.
...Love Thy Eurobeat. Love Thy Panu. Squeeze him, Please him, Light his fire. ...Beware his mad desire tho. Yes. I'm done, Move along.

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Post by drnrg » 19 May 2007, 07:55

1. Dark Angels - Right Now [Usually, They like Linkin Park and Evanessence]
2. Spock - Enter The Sandman
3. Dave Rodgers - Not Gonna Get Us
Three songs that never should have been created 8)

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