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Post by Wataru Akiyama » 30 Jun 2007, 11:55

Heartbreaker 2007 = fukken awesome

after considerable listens this is my verdict

thank you and goodnight

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Post by SirSlugma » 30 Jun 2007, 21:00

after listening again, the album does sound better as a whole. maybe I was just biased because i had been listening to the best of SEB 90s earlier in the day. 8)

Frontal Impact is easily the song of the album, and I still can't stand the new Heartbreaker. 8)

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Post by Sadie » 01 Jul 2007, 02:09

Shawaazu wrote:I did get a little weirded out when they started talking about Parapara on Bach Is Back. o_O
You're not alone... I was too.

I've heard all of the CDs from the 170s, minus 178. I own many of this decade's albums as well. To me, 179 is the best, hands down!! :grin:

"Danger in Chinatown" is really good - one of the best Hi-NRG Attack songs in a loooong time.
"Let's Fly Together" - I was expecting this song to be... not too notable. Yet, I really like it. The best female song on the album, no contest! :D
"Bach is Back" is splendid. I am not fond of the lyrics in some cases... parapara?? Come again? But aside from that, great song.
"Heartbreaker 2007" was quite good - I find the original and this one comparable in quality and sound...
"Red Light and Sex" is addicting and amazing!! I love the electronic mutilation of his voice during the chorus. GOGOs = <3333
"Frontal Impact" - No words can describe this song's greatness. It is... amazing, just as much as the Mega NRG Man track. xD;

"We Can Be Heroes" - Well... It's boring. Plain and simple. Brandoni is very talented, but this song just does not showcase his abilities well. =/
"Don't Let Me Be the First" - I had NO expectations either way for this song... But I am unimpressed. Lyrics, music arrangment, vocals - nothing I like.
"Sucka Sucka Pizza" is just stupid. I like the music itself, the vocals are alright, but the song is just dumb. That's it.

Songs not mentioned above were alright... Nothing stood-out to me as 'great' or 'bad' in them, though. Therefore, they are unmentioned.

The remixes are all good. I don't really 'pass judgement' on them, in general. I just decide whether I like/dislike them. So...

Um, yeah... Yay for DELTA and GOGO's Music!! :x
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Post by pokecapn » 01 Jul 2007, 19:33

Just got my copy, I'm willing to type up the lyrics if we still need them.

Edit: whoops, I didn't even get a chance to listen to the album today, I'll type stuff up tomorrow then once I've heard the songs and know where to fix things
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Post by Jion » 01 Jul 2007, 20:39

Please do
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Post by zoupzuop2 » 02 Jul 2007, 01:48

How interesting. It seems that Hi-NRG Attack is dropping their "Flying 16th-note" sound in favor of more "hopefully hooky" synth lines. While this worked for a few songs in the past like "Ganguro" and "DisCow MosCow", for some reason it doesn't seem like there's as much "HRG-ness" there. Oh, sure, it's OBVIOUSLY Franz Tornado (and Garcon), but... something seems amiss, awry, different. Not to say the tracks are better or worse, just... different.

*Danger In Chinatown: Traditional HRG Fare, it's pretty nice, actually. Franz's voice still seems like it's seen younger days, but still hits those notes nicely and comes out with a great song.
*Back on the Road Again to the Show: Hmmm... I've not always been a fan of recent Garcon (exception being Super Kaiser), but this one is likable, although the taste is acquired. I had to listen to this one three times to start liking it. I might learn the synth line on my keytar... who knows? Maybe this one could be played COUGHliveCOUGH or something. Still, it's interesting to hear a more "relaxed" line, musically, from the energy wizards. True, it's still energetic music, but... not the usual HRG fare.
*Sucka Sucka Pizza: Humor? VERY HRG. Vocals? HRG with a capital... everything. Synth Line? Sounds almost more like Time or even Asia/BBB. VERY straightforward for an HRG track. It's a great track, and the guitar work reminds me of Steve Bartek of Oingo Boingo (which is a GREAT thing!), but... it almost sounds as if they hijacked another label's track and touched it up a bit.

I'll buy the rest of the album later, or the whole thing in one piece. Still, an odd turn of events for the HRG fan. It's up to y'all if the change is for the better or worse.

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Post by pokecapn » 03 Jul 2007, 01:02

These are typed up with some liberties; fixing spelling if I notice it, and danger in chinatown does something really dumb where they put the backup vocals on new lines with Choir: in front of it. I'm putting those lines in parenthesis where they should be.

Tracks 1-6:

Danger In Chinatown:
Physical depression (every night)
Watch my body in action (every day)
I can make so beautiful the night and the day
Take me to the fire (every night)
Burning like desire (every day)
If you kiss me baby I feel the night in your eyes

Fire on ice
I'm dancing on the wire, baby
Burning the night
So can I stop the music, do it
Fire on ice
I give my desire
On the back, on the backs...alright
I want you, babe

Danger in Chinatown
Hey you, get ready for fun
I know the city's on fire (oh - oh - oh)
Hot love in Chinatown
I keep on running around
You got no limit forever

Maniacal depression (every night)
Give me a hot reaction (every day)
Let me feel the rhythm of the night in my heart
Turn into the fire (every night)
Be my hot desire (every day)
Take me into the fire of the night and come on

Let's Fly Together:
Now that I think that you're mine
Baby you just walk out the line
Tell me what's the meaning of love
That's my message to your phone

Everything's feet on the ground
Now, you let me down
Love is just meant to be
Let's dare, you and me

Open up your heart, let's fly together
Don't you wait forever in the wings
Mind and body rise, let's fly together
Wanna see whatever it may bring
Baby close your eyes, let's fly together
Give a chance to love, just let it go
Wanna feel you now, let's fly together
Gimme freedom, you just gimme more

Don't let me stand in the rain
Baby you can't try me again
Someone has her heart set on you
In this world so strange and blue

Dancing To The Moon:
Every night I sing a song
Full of love for you
Little pretty song
Sweet melody

I will take my lovely star
I will put my dreams apart
I will touch the moon
Love me soon
Take my melody

Dancing to the moon
And take your time
Singing in my room
Your love is right
Love is like a magic rainbow
Love is on the air

Dancing to the moon
And take your time
Waiting in my room
Another night
Love is crazy love is passion
Right direction for ecstasy

Please don't stop this harmony
I will sing for you
Take my fantasy
Please look at me

Bach Is Back:
Do re mi fa sol la ti do

Bach is back
Bach is back
Little hands to make the greatest music
He's got melody
He's got harmony
Do re mi fa sol la ti do

Johann Sebastian
Still looking for you
I need your help now more and more
To let the people open their hearts
And para para all night long

I won't forget your music forever
Music is cool for dancing together
I gotta find your magic secret inside myself

Bach is back
Bach is back
In my life he gave me inspiration
He's got melody
He's got harmony
Do re mi fa sol la ti do

Bach is back
Bach is back
Little hands to make the greatest music
He's got melody
He's got harmony
Do re mi fa sol la ti do

Johann Sebastian
The music is for you
I need your help now more and more
To make the people love each other more
And para para all night long

Fever & Music:
Cause I was made for dancing
I'm searching my music (music fever)
Every day every night
Every place with the rhythm in me
Deep in me ....

Music takes me higher
With the rhythm of the night
I'm on fire, make me right
Ever .........

Fever and music
The night is magic
Feel like living
Together in paradise

Fever and music
The power of my eurobeat
Is like an ecstasy

Rhythm of body is movin'
the music is wonder (music wonder)
In my mind in my heart
In my soul
All the power in me

Dancing With A Reptile:
Take me baby right on the disco
Make me feel like dancing honey
Listen to the sound of the vinyl
C'mon dee jay make me happy

Watch you watch you baby
You gotta stay tonight
Listen to me listen
You better bet & try
Jumping up & down with me
Rising up your hands tonight

Hey hey dancing with a reptile
The way you need it to find a
Hey hey jumping with a reptile
You really take me away
Listen to me

Listen to the music and feel it
Keep the rhythm, keep on dancing
Are you ready to meet a reptile?
And to spend a crazy night too?

my hands hurt for some reason today so that's all for now

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Post by pokecapn » 04 Jul 2007, 01:07

Tracks 7-12:

We Can Be Heroes:
You'll see the land
Where you'll find the way
Don't be shy tonight
And talking with your heart

'Cause I'm loving you
(You) Loving me
With your heartbeat!
Listen to me baby, together
We'll find'll see!

We can be heroes together again
Just like an eagle I'll take you away
We can be heroes and flying on your way
Into the scene of your dreams I will stay

You'll take my hand
And show me the way
Here I am today
I'm waiting for your call

Heartbreaker 2007: same as the original

Love Is Like A Fever:
Sometimes ago
When I was made for moving (made for moving)
Music and lights
Remember was my life (my life)

Babe touch me with your passion
Music fever on the air
Night is magic full of action
Music power make me high

All around
Love is like a fever
All around you can drive my fantasy
All around
Love is like a fever
All around you will be..
Power and ecstasy

Ready to go
I'm gonna feel the fever (feel the fever)
Music in me
I wanna spend the night (the night)

Do You Wanna Fly:
Another time to say
Baby forgive me
'Cause I want to love you more
In your eyes I see the
Magical feelin',
Not a sorrow
Forever gone!

For a while let me dream away
'Cause I long to carry on
To feel in love with you
I'm waiting for you...

Do you wanna fly
Do you want my life
Would you come to take my breath away?
Wanna go again to the ocean
Looking for your heart
Do you wanna fly
Do you wanna shine
Would you come to touch my soul again?
Wanna go away to the ocean
Looking for your heart
Do you wanna fly

Another day alone
Waiting again for
For a man who can be mine
Every time I see you
I wanna tell you
That I'm happy
To follow you

Don't Let Me Be The First:
Don't do me wrong
Do me right do me tonight
Don't let me alone
'Cos I'm not the one who plays the fool
Tonight I know you'll be again with someone else

My heart's divided, broken in two
I really don't know what to do about you
I'm undecided, go damn on you
You ain't gonna see me getting down on my knees

Don't let me be the first to say goodbye
I don't know I don't know if I can make it honey
Don't let me be the last to know about you
You told me lies don't hold me tight baby

Don't let me be the first to say goodbye
'Cos I know 'cos I know I can't take it honey
Don't let me be the last to know you're cheating
Too many lies I say bye bye baby

Don't say a word
Say goodbye say it tonight
And let me alone
'Cos I'm not the girl who played with you
And soon you're gonna be again with someone else

Summer Ski:
Summer sun is beatin' on me
Burnin' heavy with the heat
Everybody's gone away
It's a lonely Saturday

Born again in a white snow plain
Just fancy I'll be there with you

Summer ski
Is livin' in a dream
Summer ski
So cool and so refreshin'
Be yourself in nature's harmony
Summer ski
It's heaven you can feel

Every day I'm gonna be there
Work my way through all the cares
I can feel the pressure high
Somethin' missin' in my life.

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Post by pokecapn » 04 Jul 2007, 01:42

Tracks 13-18:

Follow The Rainbow:
I can be so special now
Then I give it up too easy
Funny, sad, confused and I don't know how
I know you can feel me

Child of the blue blue skies
And the future bright in my eyes

Follow the rainbow
We can run in the wind together
Follow the rainbow
Maybe find over there the treasure
Follow the rainbow
You and I

I can see myself sometimes
Good or bad I'm what I'm feelin'
Never let them rule the world inside
Can you understand me?

I Want You (hahaha the first verse):
The light is on
And I'm just wondering
What I'm gonna see
Baby come inside
And let your body move tonight
One more time, girl!

Lost for you
Yes I'm really lost for you now
Get my way tonight
'Cause I'm ready to reload you

I want you, I miss you
Get in love and let me touch your body
I want to be forever
Dancing through the night with you together
I want you, I miss you
Get in love and let me touch your body
I want to be forever
Dancing through the night with you together yeah!

There is a wish
That you should know tonight
Listen baby now
What I wanna say
Because I'm gonna turn you on
Don't be too shy!

Red Light And Sex:
Gimme your way of shock
Got emotion and real love inside my babe
Hang up for life and now
This is more than I can take no more my passion

Dark nights
You need another lover
Get wild
Hold me and discover
Tremblin' me down
And never lose my free eternity

I want red
Light and sex
'Cause your body
Makes me feel in heaven
Sexy light
In your eyes
And it seems to me like paradise

Start with another sign
And let my love run through
Your body veins my darling
Get me that feeling high
Move to heart attack rhythm of love
You burn me out

Frontal Impact (yes impeding is right):
Falling from the sky
I lost the track of time
An image of my life flashes in my eyes

Straining every muscle
For my contact with fate
I could never dream my life would end now

Cross my heart
Hope not to die now
Fade to black
This time and this moment

I can't breathe
Bracing myself now
Impeding doom I'm about to die

Frontal Impact
Feel like goin' nowhere
World is turning upside down on me

Frontal impact
Silence filling the air
Now I lost completely my control

Frontal impact
Feel like going nowhere
Cross my fingers and I start to pray

Frontal impact
Silence filling the air
Seems I'm watching just myself that dies

I just wanna breathing
Choking from the fearing
I don't know if I had crossed the line now

Dark is everywhere but
I can feel the pain now
I could never want the end of my life

On The Road Again To The Show:
Let me choose at random
Whatever can be faster than you car woh-woh

Let me pay the ransom
And set me free, my babe
'Cause I'm running through the night

Energy in my dreams
Feel the rage into your eyes
In the street get the speed
I can feel it by my side
Energy in my team
Get the spirit of the night
Are you taking all the fire from your motor

On the road again to the show
Want to be the winner forever
Like a burning flame on the road
Gasoline and power together

Make me feel the power
Whenever I can feel the night on fire woh-oh-oh

Run into the rainbow
My car into the rising sun
Together we have fun

Sucka Sucka Pizza:
Let it be
Got to be
To the music follow me
Get the show
What a night
Baby, get your action
I won't be
Like you see
Hey you people, follow me
Get it slow
Do it right
Baby, you can dance now

Take it on
Come on and get it on
And then I want you to decide
Can I rock you tonight, babe
Take and go
I'm gonna take it on
I wanna rock into the night
Baby, welcome to my world

Sucka sucka pizza, Sucka sucka pizza
Sucka sucka pizza na na na na
Sucka sucka pizza
Shake and bake a pizza
Rock me into the fire, baby
Shake me down

Let me be
What you need
Push me now and follow me
Let the show
Take your mind
Take a good direction
Feel the beat
In the street
Everybody! follow me
Take a chance
Baby, dance
Over my reaction

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Post by Nine » 04 Jul 2007, 03:13

pokecapn - awesome, thank you for typing up the lyrics for 179! :grin:

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Post by Mikaeru » 04 Jul 2007, 05:03

*nod* Thanks for the effort in doing that!

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Post by Schiznik » 04 Jul 2007, 05:05

Oh my god..
Not a song i feel like skipping, unbelievable production and effort in this one!
Great job to every label, and Frontal Impact + Mr. Marin blow everything away!
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Post by Bore » 04 Jul 2007, 14:10

Thank you for the submitted lyrics <3
Uploaded them to the page as well. Very much appreciated, helps me not get as much shoulder/neck pains for not having to type everything anymore :)

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Post by JasonMath » 11 Jul 2007, 18:45

I just joined, but I've been looking at these forums pretty actively for the past few months. I am a big fan of eurobeat (just like everyone else here), though I have tended not be as strict as Bore (probably because I haven't listened to as much eurobeat as him). Anyways, here's what I thought:


- Danger In Chinatown
- Let's Fly Together
- Dancing To The Moon (So, Magika has gone from Happy Hardcore (see "Flashdance (What A Feeling)" from DDR 3rd Mix) to eurobeat. There a few similarities though, especially if you look at silly songs like "Yellow Butterfly". Anyways, this was a great song, and I was surprised by the amount of electric guitar at the beginning.)
- Bach Is Back (I love classical remixes, so this one really stood out!)
- Fever & Music
- Heartbreaker 2007 (WTF? Time making music that is not for insomniacs? Since when did that happen?)
- Love Is Like A Fever (Read comment above. This song is AWESOME.)
- Don't Let Me Be The First (Sounds more like disco/eurodance than eurobeat to me. Reminds me of a faster version of "Inside Your Heart". Still a great song!)
- Summer Ski (I'm surprised by the low rating that Bore gave to this song. I really liked this song. Then again, I'm also a pretty big fan of other electronic music genres (including trance), and I have heard Bore isn't.)
- Follow The Rainbow
- Red Light And Sex
- Frontal Impact
- Sucka Sucka Pizza (Soo-ka Soo-ka Pizza? Weird pronounciation, but then again, this isn't a serious song, so it doesn't really matter. Surprised yet again by the use of electric guitars.)


- Dancing With A Reptile (I don't remember much about this song, other than the weird song title.)
- We Can Be Heroes (Yes, this definitely sounds like a song that an American pop artist would do. And it is not that good of a eurobeat song.)
- Do You Wanna Fly (Nothing memorable, though not bad.)


- I Want You (Where is the electric guitar? Not to mention, the energy? From an artist that sung great songs like "Fight For Your Empire", "Fly To Me Baby" and "Original Sin", this is just boring. Hopefully, this guy will be dragged go to Go Go's Music, get a good insult from Domino (in Japanese, preferably), and perform more energetic songs.)

So, that is my quick review. I'm not reviewing the bonus disc, as they are all songs originally in previous SEB's.


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Post by DJ Mike TJG » 11 Jul 2007, 19:25

JasonMath wrote:- Sucka Sucka Pizza (Soo-ka Soo-ka Pizza? Weird pronounciation, but then again, this isn't a serious song, so it doesn't really matter. Surprised yet again by the use of electric guitars.)
You've obviously never heard "Suck-A-Bazooka" ;-) That pronunciation is par for the course with HiNRG

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