Label Classics and Traditions

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Label Classics and Traditions

Post by zoupzuop2 » 08 Jul 2007, 06:44

Lately I've been giving some thought to the idea of "Label Classics"... basically, songs that specific labels have produced that simply defined themselves, a spark in the Eurobeat/parapara community, or the Eurobeat genre in whole. When you think of these labels, these are the songs most likely to come to mind, even to the lesser-studied Eurobeat fans.

For instance, when I think of these labels, I think of a few songs to go with them:

*Mickey Mouse Club March
*Deja Vu
*Tora Tora Tora

*Night of Fire (Doy)
*Boom Boom Fire

*Boom Boom Dollars
*Super Eurobeat

Hi-NRG Attack:
*Caballero With Sombrero
*Mad Cow
*Cocoa Bill

*Hot Limit
*Nori Nori


*Forever Young

I'm sure I'm missing some VITAL songs to this list, and some of you may disagree with what I have up. As such, I invite all of you to post what you think the quintessential Label Classics and Eurobeat traditions are.
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Post by drnrg » 08 Jul 2007, 08:46

To best of my knowledge this are pretty essential to thier catalogues too. Keep In My mind some are not necessalry my favs, but are still mega in Eurobeat world

1. Mike Hammer- Heartbreaker
2. Alexis- Sugar Babe
3. De Niro- Out Of Control
4. Aleph- Hero
5. Mr.M. Feat Luke Penn-Music Fever
6. Triumph- Livin' Japan
7. Linda Ross- Loving Honey
8. Vanessa- You Don't Give Me Love
9. Time All Stars- 150
10. Sophie- My World

1. Fastway- Number One
2. Scream Team- Horror Fantasy
3. Nick Mansel- Runnaway
4. Christine- Crazy Generation

1. Dee Dee- Hey Hey Baby Cry
2. Jimmy Bravo- Mazinga Go
3. Maria Valentino- Be My Lover

HRG Attack:
1. Tri-Star- Ike Ike
2. Princess F- Technotronic Flight
3. Volta & Gabbana- Johnny Go
4. Mad Cow And The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra Of Bazookistan Feat. The Supertroyka Girls - I Want Your Balalaika
5. Nikita Jr. Dancing In The Jungle

1. Nathalie- Heartbeat
2. Max Coveri- Running In The 90s
3. Cherry- Yesterday
4. D- Essex- Dancin' Crazy
5. Mad Max- Tsunami Comes

Saifam(BBB, ASIA, F.C.F)
1. Alphatown- Japan Japan(ASIA)
2. F.C.F- Big Match(FCF)
3. Spencer- Hurricane(BBB)
4. Andrea- That's The Way My Love Is(FCF)
5. Milk & Coffee- Magic Butterfly(BBB)

1. Mike Skanner- Hot Dog
2. David Essex- Tokyo Tokyo
3. Go Go Girls- Rock Me Babe
4. Mega Nrg Man- Seventees
5. Dave Rodgers- Wild Heaven

and the most famouse; the one that started it all-
King Kong & D. Jungle Girls- Boom Boom Dollares(FLEA)
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Post by jeurobeat » 08 Jul 2007, 15:00

drnrg wrote:2. Jilly- Sugar Babe
Ouch...that should be Alexis I guess ;)

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Post by Bore » 08 Jul 2007, 15:28

Virginelle - Fantasy
Lolita - Try Me

NEED to be mentioned

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Post by #Infinity » 08 Jul 2007, 17:24

A-Beat C:
- My Sweet Banana / Go Go Girls
- Tora Tora Tora / Domino

Boom Boom Beat / Saifam:
- Boom Boom Dollar / King King & D. Jungle Girls
- Virtual Love / Ken Martin

- Money Go! / Marko Polo
- Night Of Fire / Niko
- Running In The 90's / Max Coveri
- Yesterday / Cherry

Hi-NRG Attack:
- Bandolero Comanchero / Franz Tornado and the Mad Cow Girls
- Mad Cow / Franz Tornado
- Velfarre 2000 / Bazooka Girl

- Easy Busy / Kika & Kika
- Number One / Fastway
- Play The Music / Ace

- Dragostea Din Tei ~Eurobeat Remix~ / O-Zone
- Music Fever / DJ Luke Pen feat. Mr. M

- Hot Limit / John Desire
- Nori Nori Nori / Judy Crystal

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Post by Sadie » 08 Jul 2007, 19:20

I only want to do the original three labels...

- Mega NRG Man - Seventies
- Dave Rodgers - Space Boy (he sings it all the time...)
- Domino - Tora Tora Tora
- Virginelle - Hot Love & Emotion
- Nuage - Sunday

I honestly think there are too many 'classic' songs by the Time label from the early 90's to be listed...

- Marko Polo - Hai Hai Hai (Dance across the nations) / Money Go!
- Cherry - Yesterday
- Nathalie - Desperado
- Mako - Kiss to Kiss
- Niko - Nights of Fire
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Post by Schiznik » 09 Jul 2007, 02:21

A Beat C:
Mega NRG Man - Seventies
Lolita - Try Me

Max Coveri - Running In The 90's
Marko Polo - Money Go!

Just a few I could really think of to be staple songs of a specific label.
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Post by drnrg » 09 Jul 2007, 03:19

jeurobeat wrote
drnrg wrote:
2. Jilly- Sugar Babe

Ouch...that should be Alexis I guess?
I could get fired for that' :D proves my brain is F**king fried on Eurobeat :D

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