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Post by euro up north » 26 Feb 2008, 00:42

Preview grades

++ Possible superhit
+ Better than average
Ok Average song
- A lame song

Catchy classic eurobeat.

Hrg attack and Franz has a uniqe style. Sounds as expected.

03. MY OH MY / KIMMY (Ok)
Clone of Aqua. I am a little mixed up, because. Close to higher grade. Waiting for the full version

04. FUNKY LADY 2008 / DE LEO (Ok)
Surprisingly catchy. Promising. Nice sound.

A fast forward refrain and catchy. I am impressed so far of this CD.

Another song that is pretty ok. Nice synths in the background in combination with schlagerfeeling.

Vanessa is a mixed artist with hits and dips. This is actually in between.

A very average song that feels mid-tempo after the first seven songs.

Annelise has a few good songs. This song is more like eurobeat meets eurodance. An ok and average song.

No, this is a pretty boring refrain. Has eurodance touch.

Me and the maleside don´t like each other. No.

I am sure I have heard this before. A copy of some song. The Torpedo stole it from someone. And it is not better either.

13. BABY FLY / SARA (+)
Pure happy eurobeat sound and a happy refrain. A very simple refrain, but the riffs afterwards are really great.

Wrong song. It is Sara again. Typical. I was looking forward to here this song.

A boring simple refrain. The riff afterwards can´t catch up with the rest.

Simple refrain and a simple typical malesong, but without the strong guitars.

Nothing extraordinar with this song.

18. BACK TO 80'S / MEGA NRG MAN feat. DOMINO (+)
Unbeliveble, but it took a women to do it. Mr tv-game man has hade his first good song in his carrier. I think the credit is with Domino. This refrain is something better than most of the eurobeat of today. For certain in this competition. A sweet happy refrain. Intresting.

Conclusion: The songs on this album seems more even than earlier albums. There are a few dips, and two songs that you notice, but totally this album seems pretty ok.
Nice background music and few turn-ups.
Still waiting what Baby Gold has to deliver. It is possible that it could be better.
One of the better album I have previewed in a year of SEB.

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Post by drnrg » 26 Feb 2008, 03:30

euro up north
Wrong song. It is Sara again. Typical. I was looking forward to here this song
Cheesman posted the link to the preview. It's HRG awesome. You should listen.


euro up north
I am sure I have heard this before. A copy of some song. The Torpedo stole it from someone. And it is not better either.
Sorry, but the Original is Para Para Night. Also sung by Gino Caria. One of the biggest songs from 90's TIME catalogue. I can't believe you didn't remeber? You must have been living under a rock :???:

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Post by #Infinity » 26 Feb 2008, 18:24

My copy just recently got shipped! Hopefully it'll arrive sooner than my copy of 184?

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Post by MesdoramElmdor » 26 Feb 2008, 20:40

My copy was shipped yesterday, so I can't wait to receive it! A lot of the samples sound pretty good 8)

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Post by Will154 » 26 Feb 2008, 23:16

my album shipped on monday ! cant wait !...should arrive by Friday ! :D

boom boom bomba la bomba...i got the preview stuck in my head ! ><

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Post by Nine » 27 Feb 2008, 07:33

I just bought Back to 80s from mu-mo... omg it's so epic. :!: :!:

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Post by Jay » 28 Feb 2008, 01:27

Wow, my album arrived today. :D

That's the quickest I've ever received it, lol.

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Post by MesdoramElmdor » 28 Feb 2008, 01:38

lol, I couldn't wait for it to get here so i ended up buying all of the Extended Versions from Mu-Mo XD

A lot of really great tracks on this one :!:

I'll post a review once i finish listening to everything

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Post by Mikaeru » 28 Feb 2008, 01:58

Review time. I don't do grades, just comments. Maybe some songs will grow on me later, but here's how I feel about them for now.

1. Kiki & Fancy / Pararappa Dance
Almost wish there was rapping from Goofy DJ with a title like that. Definitely a new vocalist contributing parts here. Really energetic, really like the bridge. Really liking this one.

2. Franz Tornado et al / Bomba
The synth melody is a LOT darker and lower than usual HRG, but the rest of the song is usual fare. I'm liking the vocals, the chorus isn't as catchy as some of their other songs, but personally one of the better HRG songs of late.

3. Kimmy / My Oh My
Imagine if Delta wrote a Norma Sheffield song. The male vocals in the bridge are interesting, if not really necessary, but an okay touch. The chorus is really rich though, but I wish there was a bit more energy in the song, especially the lead vocals.

4. De Leo / Funky Lady 2008
A *VERY* good remake. The arrangement seems a lot more upbeat, especially before the song starts. The vocals aren't perhaps as energetic as Gino Caria's, but that was a one-of-a-kind style. Still, a really good arrangement, and good production.

5. King & Queen / Go Go Go Baby Go
What's with the very slow/low-key intros for the cheery King & Queen songs? Makes the song take too long to get started. Still feels like it's missing that Go Go's touch that A-Beat C lost with, well, Go Gos Music. Missing that sparkle.

6. Digital Planet / Take My Desire
Very low-key, he really sounds like Brian Ice here. Very ballad-y, reminds me of Eurobeat Disney. It's alright for what it is.

7. Vanessa / Take It Easy
Not loving the synth melody, felt too busy without direction, even for eurobeat. Still a typical Elena Ferreti song, a bit more energetic than usual. Decent enough, just not my cuppa eurobeat.

8. Kelly T. / Tell Me Why You Say
More calm eurobeat. Not much to really say about this one. It's a nice song, I think I hear Norma doing background vocals. Not distinct, but nothing bad.

9. Betty feat. Annalise / The One For Me
In what's turning out to be a very calm-sounding cd, this takes it to extremes. Might have sounded better as a contrast in a faster compilation. Just too slow-feeling for my tastes.

10. Pamsy / Emotional Child
In the reign of her stuff lately, a lot more eurodance than her previous trancey style. A fast-sounding arrangement, and I'm loving the chorus. She's been putting out some nice songs lately.

11. Dave Rodgers / The V.I.P. is JP
Fast guitars, Dave rocking out. A good driving song. Nice chorus. Nice song.

12. Frank Torpedo / Para Para Night 2008
Unlike Funky Lady, the original never really stuck with me, so I can't really speak with how it sounds compared to the original song, but, well, this version sounds old. Doesn't really have much of a modern sound. Seems kinda pointless.

13. Sara / Baby Fly
Okay, I'm bad at identifying female vocals, but is this Clara? Stupid question, I know. In any case, wow, this is a good song. One of the tops of the album. Good vocals, good arrangement, lots of energy, amazing chorus.

14. Baby Gold / Kiss Me Now
Really nice intro, but the rest of the song never felt terribly special to me. The slightly darker-sounding synth melody trend seems to be continuing. Feels like it's been done before.

15. Christine / Candy Baby
I really want to like this one more than I do. The NES-sounding effects are a cool touch, the bridge is really good, the synth melody is great, but the rest seems somewhat held back, like it could use a few more bpm. Maybe if this wasn't on the same cd as a Kiki & Fancy song...? Really good vocals in the chorus.

16. Kasanova / Feel Me Tender
Meh, I'm just biased again this stuff. Decent production, but like the Vanessa song, just not my cuppa.

17. Cody / Final Destination
Like the synth melody. Pretty good. Sounds like a Niko song with the arrangement. Enjoyable.

18. Mega NRG Man feat. Domino / Back To 80's
VERY VERY VERY good. More laid back than previous Go Go's productions, but possibly the best song on the album. Hits every mark. Good vocals from Mr. NRG, and Domino's touch is appropriate, and really helps the song. Ballad-y, but still very eurobeat.


Overal thoughts:

A fairly calm album. Go Go's is again excellent. SCP and Delta are both putting out some great productions. A-Beat C is still missing that something, while HRG and Time are good efforts, with the odd highlight.

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Post by Shinji-kun[NGE] » 29 Feb 2008, 10:59

We have the first remake that is BETTER then the original song. My personal favourite of the album - Para Para Night 2008 :)

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Post by Bore » 29 Feb 2008, 14:15

After first run through the album I'm positively surprised, a lot of good stuff here. Girly eurobeat ftw.

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Post by Lebon14 » 02 Mar 2008, 06:11

My review (3 = lowest, 10 = highest)
01. Kiki & Fancy - Pararappa Dance (SCP)

The album kicks off with something really exciting. The intro is somewhat really boring. The riff is the aggressive stuff of the usual Kiki & Fancy. The verses and chorus are really exciting. For some reasons, the vocals are different from the past songs. Who cares! The song really delivers what it is supposed to give.

Rating : 9

02. Franz Tornado & The Bombardier Girl - Bomba (Hi-NRG Attack)

I was not really forward to this song but I was not saying "this song will be bad". So, the song kicks off with a dark beat. Then, a very dark riff and the unusual Hi-NRG Attack. The verse and chorus are very exciting stuff. Dark, yes, but this is effective. It gives it a unique sound. A memorable song.

Rating : 8¾

03. Kimmy - My Oh My (Delta)

I had a bad feeling for this song from the beginning. So, now, I'm listening to it. My worries were true. The song has nothing to do with "hawtness". The intro can give a bad first impression showing "This song is exciting!". False. The song is generic. Really generic. No energy, plain vocals. The riff doesn't a punch that get you addict to it. Pretty worthless song.

Rating : 5

04. De Leo - Funky Lady 2008 (Time)

OK, I don't know the original song but, it does not mean I'll give a bad rating. The intro is not the great thing about the song. The good thing about the song is the energetic melody overall. This is what it makes it great. Maybe that the vocals in the chorus is... kinda off-key...

Rating : 8½

05. King & Queen - Go Go Go Baby Go (A-Beat-C)

The intro... god damn... it makes me wanna hit "Next". But, once the riff comes, the song really getting exciting. The chorus in particular. Still, even with that, I get this "hit next feeling". No rant or no praise for this song.

Rating : 7½

06. Digital Planet - Take My Desire (A-Beat-C)

Soft guitar, synth, melody intro... make me wanna sleep. The riff doesn't change anything in the sleepyness. The verse and chorus are melodic, no one are gonna deny this. Well, to say, I was not looking forward to this song. It's just that, it's now, that I decide to say that this song is good. Not a hit though.

Rating : 8

07. Vanessa - Take It Easy (Time)

Sigh... here are the fillers. Romantical that tries to be energetic with their riff are just epic fails. This song just enters this category. I really don't enjoy this song whetever what way I'm looking to it.

Rating : 3

08. Kelly T. - Telly Me Why You Say (A-Beat-C)

Sigh... another filler. Soft intro, with no exact goal beside wanting me to sleep. When the riff kicked off, I knew it was one of those romantical eurobeat songs. PHAIL. This word covers pretty much what I think of the song. Now, to me, Kelly T. = bad.

Rating : 3

09. Betty Feat. Annalise - The One For Me (Go Go's Music?)

Nah... not another sleepy intro. Get over them please. Even if it takes up beat later, it's still sleepy. Yet, it's another romatical song. This time, both vocal and melody fits together and makes this romantical song a little hit. I enjoyed this.

Rating : 8

10. Pamsy - Emotional Child (SCP)

/Fandom On
OMG OMG OMG!!! Pamsy! Yes! This song is pure H4WTN355!1one!!eleven!
/Fandom Off
3 albums, 3 songs! Wow! I really enjoyed this song and a lot! Pamsy's vocals are just as sweet as ever. Even if the riff is the romantical style, the verse and the chorus are really great and really melodic. Maybe Pamsy's best work up to date.

Rating : 10

11. Dave Rodgers - The VIP Is JP (A-Beat-C)

Seriously, when I heard this song on 178's CD 2 (Junction Produce's megamix), I hated it. Now, Avex decides to release this *put bad word here*. The intro is soft, too soft. Only a low guitar riff as a background music. Then, out of nowhere, the riff. Even if it's more "techno-ier" than the last songs, it doesn't make me cum for nothing and is also the rest of the song.

Rating : 3

12. Frank Torpedo - Para Para Night 2008 (Time)

Woah. What a surprise there! I didn't expect this song to be this good. Pure hotness. Without any hesitation, this song is a hit!

Rating : 10

13. Sara - Baby Fly (Delta)

The first part of the intro made me grin... but still, the song is the "attempt-to-be-aggressive-and-exciting-song" style. This is half true. The song is borderline. I don't really enjoy it but I don't despise it as much as I despise "The VIP Is The JP" and "Frontal Impact". Borderline score.

Rating : 6

14. Baby Gold - Kiss Me Now (Hi-NRG Attack)

The last Baby Gold song was pretty good and I was waiting for a better or as equally good song with this one. But my hopes are off this time. It gets to be worse than her hit on SEB182. Still, it's not a song I despise to listen to.

Rating : 7

15. Christine - Candy Baby (SCP)

Eh... Christine's back after her duo with Ace & Fastway on SEB 181. Generical SCP intro starts off. The riff is good and the melody is Kiki & Kika style and pretty good. The chorus is cool and catchy. Because of the riff, I'm kinda rate it so-so. :(

Rating : 7¾

16. Kasanova - Feel Me Tender (Time)

Kasanova... I hate him. I hated all his song (except one) in the 170's. The intro of the song seems pretty exciting. It is in fact. But, like always, the riff gives away all hope and the vocals are too high and hides the melody behind. Too bad. Not the worst song though.

Rating : 6½

17. Cody - Final Destination (Delta)

Meh. I don't like this song for 5¢. This is a old song from Delta. It's obvious. Fresh exciting Delta are way better (See the two last Cherry songs and 2 Fast). Sorry.

Rating : 5

18. Mega NRG Man Feat. Domino - Back To 80s (Go Go's Music)

I like this song. I never thought it would be this good when Mega NRG Man and Domino are singing on this. Good job on this one!

Rating : 9½

Overall review : Well, this album is just a typical SEB with nothing much interresting with very few highlights and most of the songs here are pointless. Next album.

Overall rating :

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Post by KitsuneStar » 02 Mar 2008, 07:49

Kinda disappointed that there isn't more love for "The One For Me". This has to be one of the more amazing songs I've heard out of SEB in a while now.

I just about DIED hearing the chorus for the first time... <3

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Post by Jion » 02 Mar 2008, 07:57

Oh I really enjoyed "The One For Me". Check out Super Euro Power Hour soon for our review of 185.
You can hate me but you know you have quality issues =p

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Post by drnrg » 02 Mar 2008, 10:35

O.K. TIME for a review. SEB 185 is really one of the better feel good happy compilations out there. Not much cange from my initial thoughts upon hearing the previews, but there are some nice surprises.

01. Kiki & Fancy - Pararappa Dance (SCP)
Once again SCP manage to deliver the worst song on the cd. I'm probly the only one who didn't enjoy this song at all, but I will tell my precise reasons why. From the very first note and the super annoying ayhoohah, I knew I was in for a big fall. The riff itself is not completely abysmal, but once the vocals kick in, it's all downhill. Who ever they are singing, they sound too pitched. I think I hear that Gata vocalist from One Touch. Any way this song is going no where and wihtout those ear wrenching little shouts inbetween verses, bridge and chorus, it might have been at least playable. The final nail is the unimaginative fade out. The only redeeming quality is that it's at the beggining of the cd and I can allways skip it.

02. Franz Tornado & The Bombardier Girl - Bomba (Hi-NRG Attack)
I feel the cd goes into a completely new direction with this next song. The agressivness of Rimonti is heard right from the start and that is allways a good sign. The riff has a really heavy Cy-Ro vibe. Everything seems to point out another BOMBA for HRG Attack. The chorus is Eurobeat smart by using the lines "Boom Boom Boom". You can never go wrong with that line. As the song progresses ,I felt just a tad annoyed at the constant use of "La Bomba" and for some strange reason I think of Reagaton music everyTIME they sing it. That for me would be the only downfall, SomeTIMES less is more. A very good attempt by Live Music Studio, just can't attain the charm of Moo Moo Dollars and Maid Attack.

03. Kimmy - My Oh My (Delta)
Wow! What a beautiful piano intro. I can allready know I'm gonna like this song with a chorus like that. Comon "Dancing On The Radio" and "Living On The Video" Classic Italo NRG vibe. That riff kicks in and I'm immediately swept away to the wonderful songs by Sara and look at that Luka makes an appearence(at least I think it's him) He adds a bit of charm to that allready bouncy bridge. I guess he wanted to sing as well as co write the song :wink: This one is definatley in my top 3 favorite songs and what I concider amazing "happy" Eurobeat. Somthing DELTA does better than the other labels.

04. De Leo- Funky Lady(TIME)
You see how amazing TIME songs sound with original intros? It just adds to the Dall Ora magic. This song is pure Bliss! from the very first note, you are swept away into another world. This is "Happy" Eurobeat at it's best. There is a huge difference between This song and the kiddie sounding Kika & Fancy. Christian sounds great vocally. I was pleasently reminded of why He made Heart Breaker 2007 my favorite song last year. For those who have heard Gino Caria's original, you will notice the totally reinvented riff. This is what makes a TIME remake an instant hit. The riff is fast, gripping and pulls you into De Leo's vocals perfectly. Now that 3rd verse is so amazing. There are a lot of altenate tricks Mr. Dall Ora is using by dropping vocals and reverting to the raw synths during the final chorus. It can best be described as the 90's Eurobeat style., but done the 2008 style. Up untill the last abrupt outro, the song scores on every level. I can imagine back in the Maharaja Night and Tri Star days there wouldn't be a single soul sitting down when this song pumped out through the speakers. AVEX is gonna let this magic escape from thier hands. What a bunch of stupid(insert the worst swear word of your choice). This hit get s 5 stars across the board!

05. King & Queen- Go Go Baby Go
Continuing on and after many more listens, we have the latest from ABeatC's long running title from the early 90's. Now without the original singers, but still sounding effective. When I first heard the preview, I wasn't impresses at all, but upon hearing the whole song , I have to say that this one is my favorite NEW Skool King & Queen track next to Boogie Boogie. Actually they havn't been all that bad, except the abysmall Dance. This track follows a pretty simple and solid Eurobeat style. The eefectivness is exactly from the simple sounworlds that give the song it's charm. Nuage sounds good as allways, and the melody flows nicely without too many distractions from the overall song structure. A great entry by Abeat C with an incredible sounding bridge leading to a very well known Chorus melody.

06. Digital Planet- Take My Desire
And we have here the latest Brian Ice entry. Excuse me, I menat to say Digital Planet.LOL! Actually what we have here is a hybrid of Brian Ice and DP. The song clearly has a strong Fabrizzio vibe; especially in the verses and bridge. In fact I was surprised to not see his name in writing credits. Here is a song that will grow on you with just a few litens. The chorus might be the calmest part, but underneeth there lies a pretty charming song. Even D.P. kinda tries to sound a bit like Brian. If you like the slower type of Eurobeat as well as the hyper, than thios song should grow on you.

07. Vanessa- Take It Easy
Many comparisons to One Night In Tokyo., but alas , a very different intro. If the listener was to listen to this without ever hearing One Night In Tokyo, It would come across a new fresh sounding melody .esp the magical Chord progression, wich still lights the spark of the original. Elena sounds solid as ever and sings the song with such ease as to make it her own again. The one miss for this TIME would have to be the fade out. I've grown accustomed to them, but after hearing the One Night In Tokyo epic outro, I just wasn't too convinced with Dall ora's decision to fade out on this track. Other than that , It's a beauty.

08. Kelly T.- Tell Me Why You Say
The first thing I noticed is that the title seems to be unfinished. Tell Me Why You Say , but I notice in the chorus the line changes everyTIME. That aside, this song ifs from the mellow side of ABeatC. I could of sworn it fit Queen Of Times title perfect, esp in that Chord progression. Actually this is a very good song and it's nice to hear those OLD SKOOL keyboards. It probly won't blow away many fans, but it's a nice soong eitherway, just not the best from Kelly T.

09. Beaty feat. Annalise- The One For Me.
AbeatC continues with thier mellow romantic Eurobeat. Another nice song. that takes me back to Early ABeatC. Not as catchy as Kelly T.'s ballad, but thier is a clear distinction in vocals, so it doesn't sound like a part 2 nor anything. The best part about this slower type Euroberat is that The mellow intros really fit the structure of the song, as opposed to when they use the same intros on thier faster songs. That's what people mean they they say "A riff that comes out of no where". On this song the intro builds up to the "riff" accordingly to the melody. I could definatley put this two tracks on throughout a nice candel light dinner.

10. Pamsy- Emotional Child.
We are up to the second SCP entry. I must say this one is in the step into the right direction. It fits perfect perfectly with the previous two songs with it's mellow feel. It's not a bad little song. Pamsy sounds good when she sings mellow Eurobeat. She is quickly becoming the female Jay Lehr. At least she somewhat changed the style of her easrlier songs and dumped the transy vibe a little for a little more upbeat melody. The best part for me if the last chorus with no voacls in the first bars and just resorting to keyboards was a nice touch.

11. Dave Rodgers- The V.I.P is JP.
Good ole Dave makes a very powerful appearence! I will get out of the way what I didn't like about the song before I start the praises. First off is the title. What does that mean? That the important people are the Japanese or is it a way to suck up to Avex? next off. Horrible Horrible Intro. It creates the "Riff out of no where " syndrome, which I seldom enjoy. Luckily those two aspects of the song are at the start. Now what we have here is a mega powerful riff blasting it's way through our speakers with the intensity of ABeatC bombas from yester year. Dave sound like he is having a ball and the accompaning guitars bring out his vocals all the more. There seems to be some other vocalist accoming him in the bridge with a shout out here and there. Anyone can take a guess?. Now we got the third verse with just raw guitars. This is a great idea, because that Intro steels a lot of TIME from the song. Dave definatly still has it in him to dish out some powerful songs. It doesn't get a perfect grade, but only for the nothing to do intro.

12. Frank Torpedo- Para Para Night
Hot damn. It's Gino Caria!!! Up next is a Super bomba number three. Mr. Dall Ora has taken a Eurobeat Classic and rienvented it original intro and may I add, It sounds more effective than it's first TIME around . You could say he has outdone himself. ..and Gino Caria vocals, What can I say. If he was still alive no one could hold a candel to him. Mayby a match , but not a candel. I also notice the BPM's quite possibly fit the song better this TIME around, beacuse they are faster and more intense in the Para Para chorus. This plus the added soundworlds really push it perfectly into todays Eurobeat. I think Gino would be very pleased with not one ,but two great songs from his past.

13. Sara- Baby Fly
DELTA has definatly resorted back to their early style of Hit after hit. Another song that has a heavy Larabell, Suzy Lazy and Cherry feel to it; only a bit faster. The song shoots charm in all directions. From the raw pianos to the added guitar riffs here and there. To the wonderful vocals and this song sounds alot like some preivious Cherry song. The line "Boom Boom the beat of my heart" keeps popping in my head everyTIME I hear it, but I can't remeber from what song. Maybe "Yesterday"?That part right after the second verse is pure bliss and hear that ,she can do a nice happy whoo without sounding childish. Two very happy style songs from DELTA ,but done the right way.

14. Baby Gold- Kiss Me Now
So far HRG hasn't blown me away with thier first song. Now we have Baby Gold. Hmm.. more kiss me titles. The intro pulled me in right away,as I don't think it's rehashed in any way. Wow what a riff. Horns playe on Synths is really Eurobeat magic. I feel the song is great , but it contradicts itself in melody. Here we have an explosive riff and a Mara Nell sounding verses, but than steers into ; well , a Baby Gold bridge and chorus. Ah yes here is the mini break. That alone makes it a hit for me. That, the trumpets played on synths.

15. Christine- Candy Baby
When I first heard it ,I really liked it. Not much has changed. It still has a great riff and to that a pretty cool intro. The added touched with the keys and lasers sound really great. Now we have the verses. Dammit there they go again with the kiddie shouts. I wish they would stop that alltogether. They should have just stuck with the oohos and woos.At least it doesn't ruin the song like track one did. The chorus is sounds really happy , but it shows it effectively by drawing the listener into it's happy sound world and not becoming ridiculous. My favorite part has to the mini break. It great to hear the buildup in Eurobeat with ohoh's and again those added synths bits really shine the way they are meant to in a happy song. I would say Christine has finally scored another hit worthy of her fans.

16. Kassanova- Feel Me Tender
Soon Kasanova might morph into Mr. M. A little inside joke. This is a great song. It immedieatly pulls the listener in with it's thumping intro, much ,was used in The World Is You. The chord progression will instantly remeind the listener of Kasanova's debut single. "Passion & Love". Ever since that first song, I have always identified Kasanova's music with 80's Freestyle. Kinda what Johnny O's-Fantasy Girl would sound like sped up. Gambogi sounds as effective as ever and while he really doesn't excersize too much variety in his vocals, it's just that , that makes him unique. Another great bomba fromTIME!

17. Cody- Final Destination
I love this song I really do! EverTIme I hear it, I get flashbacks of The Rollercoaster ride on FD3 sitting next to one particular actress. :D That aside, this is yet another track that masterfully demonstates the amazing abilities that Rizzi has when he touches keyboards. The riff has a heavy Fronal Impact vibe and Cody's vocals sound right on target for a mega hyper number like this. I concider this Cody's vocals to sound as close to Bonini's as possible. I can imagine Nando himself singing this song . It also has that feel of a song co-written by Clara and Laurent with the heavy pianos and grundgy guitars. Another example of how DELTA is on FIRE!

18. Mega NRG Man feat Domino- Back To The 80's
Up to the track that many of you concider the best. This is a great track in many ways. The pairing of Mega NRG Man and Donimo sounds really epic(the oohs oohs work) and the Riff certainly does blow the listener away, but for me the chorus should have been much much stronger. In fact I think Domino's line of "get me back" is really to give credit, because it's her line that prepares the listener for the riff. Mega NRG Man sounds solid enough. I still perfer his more aggresive side like Sex All Over The Phone, but he uses his voice accordingly to the feel of this song. I would say it's a great song much like the Dave & Domino duets ,which a enjoy just as much. I will close out by saying that the song contains the best outro of the cd and once again it's Domino's line "Get me back"

A very good cd. TIME and DELTA take honours on this round. The funny thing is that it's TIME's remakes that steel thte spotlight instead of the new material. As for DELTA, we also know that Final Destination is an older track. Kimmy'and Christine track also sound Euromach worthy and Kasanova hasthe heavy Freestyle beat... and of course the abeatC tracks both slow and fast sound like early OLD Skool. You take that with the "Back To The 80's" theme and you realize that going back in TIME is just what SEB needs to sound effective. I'll definately listen to this cd a lot more. That is if I can get through Funky Lady 2008 without too many repeat sessions :P

Best songs
De Leo- Funky Lady 2008(TIME)
Cody- Final Destination(DELTA)
Kimmy- My Oh My(DELTA)

Honourable mention- Frank Torpedo - Para Para Night 2008(TIME)

Worst songs
Kika & Fancy- Para Rappa Night(SCP)

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