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Posted: 13 Dec 2007, 20:34
by nachobeat yagami
Rock me
I Can Be Your Dee Jay
Super hero
Into the night

Posted: 05 Jan 2008, 08:23
by Ronald
First of all I really do like his voice!
I really love the latest Mega tracks!
Fantastic intro, great melodies and the musical breaks (near the three minutes) are really something. And don't forget the sound quality.
Yes, I'm really happy with it!
Go Go Thomas (and GP + LR)!

2008 is gona be great! :D

Ronald :grin:

Posted: 05 Jan 2008, 10:46
by Lebon14
humm... Black Jack.
Then Supertonic Lady (Y&Co. Remix)

Re: Favorite Mega NRG Man Song

Posted: 11 May 2019, 13:49
by Phil Jay Falcon
Oh, I didn't know, that Mega NRG Man was also known als Derreck Simons and Mr. Groove. Was Derreck Simons not actually Dave Rodgers? :|

Well, maybe I was wrong.

But OK, to the topic.

I have only one favorite track from Mega NRG Man. And that's "Get me power"! 8)

As Mr. Groove, I love these ones:

Show me the way
Blowing in the wind
The big one
Take my heart

And as Derreck Simons I like these songs:

All nite long
Back to the future

Re: Favorite Mega NRG Man Song

Posted: 13 May 2019, 10:12
by drnrg
Derek Simon started off as Dave Rodgers on Technology label. "Don't Stop Me" ,"Mania" , "dance With Me' but he was never him on ABeatC

The Dereck Simon on AbeatC was Gino Caria. "The Wild One, "Dr. and The Medic ,but was changed to Derreck Simons

Then Mega NRG (Thomas Marin) Man took over the alias

The three songs you like are all sung by different singers.

All Nite Long - Gino Caria
Back To The Future - Thomas Marin
TNT - D-essex? (not sure tho)

Re: Favorite Mega NRG Man Song

Posted: 15 May 2019, 02:17
by xiao
My top 5 Mega NRG Man songs!~ ♪ ♫

・ I'm Back
・ Body to Body
・ Lady Samurai
・ Space Cowboy
・ Supertonic Lady