[$10 CONTEST] Design a poster for you favorite euro label

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[$10 CONTEST] Design a poster for you favorite euro label

Post by DarkSky » 10 Oct 2008, 17:43

Dear Eurobeat-Prime members,
I'm going to organise a contest for all of the photoshop / paintshop / gimp / paint freaks.

Design a poster for your favorite euro label
The first contest, use your designing skills and create a poster for your favorite eurobeat label! More information about the contest below.
The person with the best poster will receive the prize.

Prize $10,- USD - PayPal
Deadline Monday - 20th of October

- You can find logos of the labels on their own MySpace page.
- Use nice patterns and brushes to have a higher chance of winning.

- Posters are for own use only, the logo of your label is property of the label itself, and it's not allowed to sell your posters.
- It's not allowed to submit existing posters from labels or any other persons.
- There has to be a minimum of 5 participants in the contest or there will be no winner.

Submit a small version of your poster here in this topic.
At the 21th of October I'll open another topic including a poll.
This poll will stay opened until the 25th of October.

The winner of the contest will receive $10,- on his paypal account.

Samples / my work ( I wouldn't participate in this contest )
It'll be nice if you could print your poster and make a photo of it, but a gif/jpeg/png file is ok too!



...for more information, please PM me!

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