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Unexpected return

Posted: 30 May 2009, 06:20
by NPC

Someone or something has gotten into my account.


Well that was weird. I guess some spam bot guessed my password (it was an incredibly insecure password lol) and posted some weird shit about a Sony cell phone which I will not mention by name to spite the spam bot.

Funny thing is, the bot apparently subscribed to the thread so when you guys replied it actually worked as an alarm for me. whew.

I have since changed my password hey... it's been a long ass time since I've been here.

Posted: 30 May 2009, 06:29
by drnrg
WTF was that about? Aside from the fact that you are pimping the very cel I own. Same colour too :P

Posted: 30 May 2009, 06:46
by Lebon14

OP explained something hacked his/her account

Posted: 30 May 2009, 07:20
by NPC
What the FUCK.

I think something got into my account. WOW. I'm changing my password.

... I haven't been here in ages. sup.

Edit: Edited OP.

Posted: 30 May 2009, 07:26
by #Infinity
Yeah I didn't understand why your account was posting a spam messge considering your older posts were completely normal.