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Posted: 20 Jul 2009, 01:07
by captainkatiakicz
It's been a while since my last post.. ha. Well, I would like to ask for recommendations for:
1. Different styles, since there seems to be different... styles of Eurobeat, I've learned from some reading around on the forums/site.
2. Catchy, awesome, music that sounds alike to:
Go Go Girls - Hot For Your Body, Cyber Dance
Max Coveri - Running in the 90s
Delta Queens - Dance Around The World
and my favorite
Za - Za - Love & Money
What attracts me to these songs, though their styles seem to differ, is the bouncy catchy synths and just all around danceability (though I'm sure that's how all Eurobeat is, I'm sure I'm just sounding vague now :P). So I'd especially like to delve more into the styles that are like these, along with just gaining a lot of knowledge about Eurobeat (I already read the history - I just figured maybe I'd learn a little more from asking all of you :) ) and find a compilation or 12" or something with a lot of killer songs. Since you guys seem to really know your stuff, I think I could learn a lot from you ~

I see that Za - Za has a lot of aliases.. which would bring me to another question: do their aliases tend to sound the same, or do different aliases go their own way? And which aliases = which of the two girls? I ask the same with the other EB artists who have thousand of aliases. Sad that their Love & Money 12" seems REAALLY rare, I love that song. I wonder how much the EB community is frustrated from the lack of a lot of/rarity of music... it'd be cool if there could be re-releases, but sadly there isn't enough demand for that most likely to ever happen...

Another question... if an independent record store has Italo music, do you think there is any possibility they would have any Eurobeat? I know Eurobeat came from Italo-disco, though I know they are still different... I wouldn't expect much since Eurobeat is not well known at all, but still curious.

Oh... I was looking around on Discogs and it seems all of those artists come from Delta, aside from Go Go Girls, so it seems that maybe that I need to go for artists from that label since I read that the different sounds seem to come from the producers/label.

I think the first one I shall buy will be SEB 86... but if you have rec's for good records to buy, go. =D

But yeah, I'd like to expand my horizons beyond the Last.FM Eurobeat channel, and support Eurobeat since it seems to be dying.