do the eurobeat singers & producers READ HERE?

Everything that is eurobeat can be discussed here.

Did you ever had direct contact with a eurobeat singer?

Yes, personally!
Yes, via e-mail / website!
No, not at all (but wish i could write them).
I don't want to have any contact / exchange.
Total votes: 24

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Post by Ronald » 17 Nov 2010, 17:53

Nowadays in a world where everybody has to known and tell 'his or her' what abouts, it would be great to have contact with your favorite artist or producer. Beside the music you like so much this contact gives it an extra dimension! And perhaps certain dreams can be happining. Like me, visiting a studio. The one of Giancarlo Pasquini. And nowadays, see for instance Dark Sky with his effort in the Dima Team. And even fans. are starting a vocal career! Fantastic!
Fact is, the choice to make contact with fans is up the artist of producer. Some do and some don't. I do have respect for each choice the make.
Recarding Giancarlo Pasquini, I met him at his place twice, had sms/e-mail contact. He even called me. Anyway, the contact now is gone. He's hard to find (not only for me). A pity that it went this way, but I still have a lot of respect him. And I have my doubts he's reading forums.
Another story is SCP. Got intouch with them via Giancarlo Pasquini. Met Stefano, Evelina, Ennio and Cristian in the studio. Met them in august 2009. Very nice and friendly people. And really a 'musical' team!
In short words, I understand that fans would get intouch with there favorite music (artists or producers). Some 'Eurobeat' let it happen and others don't.


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Post by Karina1003 » 12 Jun 2012, 04:24

I'm new to these forums so I don't know who does or doesn't read here. But on Facebook, I've chatted to David Dima, Giordano Gambogi, and Claudio Magnani (although he's under a different name). Some artists/vocalists have Twitter/FB accounts by the way.

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